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Calling any OCM experts...

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HandMini Tue 16-Dec-14 21:16:18

First question - can I use argan oil? I was given a bottle a while back and it's sitting unused. All the stuff I've read suggests castor or mixes. Just not sure if I can use this oil.

Second question - is the OCM a bad idea for congested hormonal acne skin? I'm planning to do double cleansing with the oil cleanse first, then La Roche Posay Effaclar, which is currently doing my spots good, so don't want to undo that with the oil.

Thanks S&B-ers!

mowglik Tue 16-Dec-14 22:50:22

Sorry not much help just to say that you def need castor oil at around 30-50% of the mix as that's the deep cleansing oil..I used to use olive oil or sunflower oil as the other component. Argan oil might be a bit rich, esp if you are acne prone. But you won't know til you try I would mix up a little and see how I go for a week

You could also use up Argan oil by mixing with your body cream or conditioner

Nabootique Wed 17-Dec-14 09:38:31

I haven't done OCM myself, but I have read about it and I think jojoba oil is recommended for problem skin, to be blended with the castor oil.

SomeSortOfDeliciousBiscuit Wed 17-Dec-14 09:42:27

Jojoba is very good. I have hormonal acne on my neck and jawline and have fallen off the OCM wagon a bit, but I used castor oil and olive oil for cleansing, then followed up with a few drops of jojoba oil as a moisturiser. It's the oil closest to the natural oil our skin produces. I find it very good for relieving any dry, itchy feelings after cleansing.

HandMini Wed 17-Dec-14 17:18:58

Thanks everyone I'll get hold of some castor and try a few mixes.

chocismydrug Wed 17-Dec-14 17:27:47

My skin spounds a bit like yours. Imix the castor oil with hazelnut oil (the one I also use for salad). Works like a treat for me - the best skin I had in ages.

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