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30% off nightwear and knitwear at M ans S including cashmere dressing gown

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Madaboutthrows Tue 16-Dec-14 20:46:37

libertychick Tue 16-Dec-14 21:51:53

Thanks! Have ordered some Rosie nightwear.

AliBingo Tue 16-Dec-14 22:42:06

Great thanks

BelindaAllWorkedOut Wed 17-Dec-14 00:09:24

Thanks, I just ordered a round neck cashmere jumper.

WaxyBean Wed 17-Dec-14 07:49:32

And even better if you spend over £45 you get the free beauty box (nuxe oil and Ren face mask).

Bexicles Wed 17-Dec-14 09:15:05

Thank you, just sorted my DM's Christmas present.

BelindaAllWorkedOut Wed 17-Dec-14 14:09:35

Seems like it was a flash discount? I'm looking at it now, and its disappeared

MilkThistle187 Wed 17-Dec-14 14:50:40

It's on there now for me Belinda

LaurieFairyCake Wed 17-Dec-14 14:54:47

Each item just says offer but they're not reduced in price most of tjem

BelindaAllWorkedOut Wed 17-Dec-14 20:36:28

This is what I bought. What price is it for you, £69 (full price) or £48.20 (30% off)? It was £69 when I looked this afternoon, and it still is, on my iPad. Am wondering if my cookies or something (waves hand in reference to General IT stuff) are broken or something (more waving)

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