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My body's joining in the festive fun - I've developed turkey neck....

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skyninja Tue 16-Dec-14 18:34:30

As I am now in to my 40s, I was anticipating some of these sagging issues, but out of NOWHERE, my neck has started to get really saggy. From the front you can see a sort of line of loose skin from under the chin to my neck.

I know there are inevitable signs of ageing, and I'm accepting fairly ungraciously the laughter lines, the crow's feet etc but turkey neck is not what I was expecting just yet.

I've taken to permananently wearing a scarf, I don't anticipate this being quite such a good idea in the summer however....

I wonder if you can still buy chin exercisers

ZaraW Tue 16-Dec-14 18:40:30

I know how you feel........ try facial exercises I have the Eva Fraser DVD and it only takes a few minutes each day.

skyninja Tue 16-Dec-14 18:42:10

Do you think it helps?

ZaraW Tue 16-Dec-14 18:50:10

I have seen a bit of an improvement nothing dramatic but I am hoping it delays further wrinkles and sagging.

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