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Are there any MUAs on here? Advice needed.

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OHolyShite Tue 16-Dec-14 18:26:55

I am 34 and a SAHM. I want to work in makeup.

I am looking at courses and am considering either a short intense course with a beauty school or a year long Level 2 Diploma in Hair and Media Makeup at my local college starting next September.

Brutal honesty required. Am I too old?

I was pushed down an academic route at school and uni due to being bright but never clicked with the courses. My parents would have baulked at the notion of their daughter being a makeup artist when she could be a lawyer/teacher.

I am obsessed with makeup and I am really bloody good at it. I live and breathe makeup tutorials and product reviews and I spend all my money on makeup blush .

Ideally I'd love to be a freelance MUA but would happily work in any makeup related role (not in a salon though).

Am I being daft? Is it possible to pursue a career like this with 2 DCs and no relevant experience? Can anyone give me any advice?

OldIrving Tue 16-Dec-14 18:37:05

I don't think you're too old but I'd think about what you want out of the qualification.

in your situation I'd be thinking about building a portfolio for, for example, wedding makeup/special occasion makeup - being able to do hair/updos would be a huge plus for that.

OHolyShite Tue 16-Dec-14 18:43:08

Yeah I am competent with hair but definitely not an expert.

I am wondering if the year long course is worth doing because it will give me a recognised qualification and hopefully that would get me more work.

The courses with the private school are short so I could get started sooner but I'm not sure how much weight their qualifications hold in the real world. Also I've found some mixed reviews about their courses online.

I know that realistically weddings and proms etc would make up (scuse the pun) most of my work. That's fine by me. I just need to know how to get started!

Thanks for the reply btw flowers

OldIrving Tue 16-Dec-14 19:27:40

I'd always go for the recognized qualification.

as for getting started, you could rope friends in for portfolio shoots and contact local established MUAs about being a 'second artist', ie doing the bridesmaids while they do the bride. That sort of thing is a good place to start from what I understand.

OldIrving Tue 16-Dec-14 19:27:55

P.S. good luck!

MsVanRein Tue 16-Dec-14 23:38:31

You are definitely not too old however consider childcare options when you are starting out and potentially not making enough money to cover childcare or needing childcare at obscure times. Is there a particular area you would like to work in?

Its an extremely competitive area in some ways and to be successful you definitely need to be comfortable networking and putting yourself out there.

I'd be looking at what type of portfolio you'll have at the end of the course and success rate of their students getting work.

OHolyShite Tue 16-Dec-14 23:48:40

Thanks both thanks .

We can afford childcare. To be honest, DP is only too happy to pay for childcare to see me doing something that makes me happy. The year long course starts next September which gives us time to sort everything.

I'm in W Yorkshire. Have a car and willing to travel for work. Not sure how competitive it is up here. Will carry on with my research.

MsVanRein Wed 17-Dec-14 10:53:37

That's good you have time to have a good think and do your research. Also it depends again on the course but many provide very little or no business direction which is obviously important if you plan to freelance so I would consider looking into options regarding that as well. Good luck!

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