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Bra interventionists -please can you answer my question?

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JosephWasAChippyMinton Mon 15-Dec-14 18:36:13

I have followed various threads helping out with bra size measuring and fitting, and recommendations for this or that brand, and which brands to avoid.

My question is this:
Do bras labelled as the same size actually have the same measurements in different brands? eg would a 32DD Bravissimo be comparable with a 32DD M&S bra - band the same length, cups the same size?

I'm slightly confused as to how someone previously wearing a larger band could be comfortable in something 2-4" tighter?

Thank you

They have the same measurements to the same extent as any item of clothing has the same measurements between different items and stores! Unfortunately though, bras require a more exact fit so whereas you might not notice a 1cm difference in a tshirt, you'll notice it in a bra!

I find bras a bit like jeans where every one has to be tried on and it takes lots to get the right fit, and no two pair of size 12s are quite the same.

That said, broadly similar sizes tend to fit in most, so my bra drawer has bras in a 30HH, 30J, 32HH which all fit.

JosephWasAChippyMinton Mon 15-Dec-14 18:58:34

Thank you, that makes sense. So, armed with the 'new' measurements, I could go to, say, M&S and try on the same bras but in a completely different size than I would normally? And they should fit better, hopefully?

Does your method work with the norkily-challenged?

The measurement is just a starting point - it's always good to try sizes around it too. You could go in to M&S and try those sizes although you might want to try better quality bras first as M&S can be very variable - it's not so obvious when you are wearing a bra 5" bigger than you measure!

What are your measurements? It does generally work for the norkily challenged, although if you are very slim around the ribcage you sometimes want one size up from measurement.

GarethCanFOff Wed 17-Dec-14 00:45:52

<I'm slightly confused as to how someone previously wearing a larger band could be comfortable in something 2-4" tighter?>

This is exactly what I thought until I tried the smaller band. After reading many bra intervention threads (which I only came across by chance here) I have gone from a 38 A/B to a 32 D. It is early days as I have only worn the 32 D size a few days but it feels comfortable to me and looks so much better than what I had been wearing.

So basically it looks like I was 6 inches out in the band! Before now I hated underwired bras, and strapless usually ended up around my waist. blush I was so frustrated with "normal" bras that I had pretty much given up on them and just wore sporty/crop-top type ones.

It does seem weird to me that I was in a 38 band because the 36 felt uncomfortably tight, and now I am in a 32 and it feels fine and not too tight. I thought the cup size was an absolute figure as well and didn't understand how to calculate it properly. I wish I had gone in to a lingerie shop years ago for a fitting, but I always thought that there was no point and that I would look stupid in anything as I always had previously. Now I am looking forward to trying on different types to see what they are like. I cannot wait for the summer to see how dresses and tops will look with a properly fitting bra.

I hope you manage to get something comfortable OP.

vomistheworst Wed 17-Dec-14 08:04:31

I never measure as it doesn't work for me. I just take lits if different (but similar) sizes into the changing room and try them on. I average a 32F, so I take 34E, 32F, 32FF and 34F in with me.

The band should be snug, and you should just be able to slide 2 fingers inside it at the front, but nothing more. Cups should be the biggest ones that contain and support your boobs without wrinkling. Start by going down 2 band sizes and up 2 cup sizes, then go from there.

Measurements using the intervention are only a rough guide, but it's helpful for people who have been measured by the likes of m and s as it gives a start point which will at least be in the right ball park, and also helps to give people confidence that trying say a 30 band isn't ridiculous. Marks fitted me in a 36f when my true size was 30hh - I think it would be very hard for someone fitted in that size without good bra knowledge to work out what size they needed as it was so far off IYSWIM? You'd try a band up, a band down, a cup up etcetc but probably not down three bands and up five cups!

HazleNutt Wed 17-Dec-14 11:14:35

yes you would imagine that a larger band would be more comfortable, but the thing is that it needs to support, and it can't do it if it's loose. So if the band is too big, the weight of your boobs starts dragging it down. Your bra climbs up your back and wires end up not supporting the boobs, but somewhere around your belly. The straps will be set too wide for your shoulders, so they are constantly slipping down. As the band can't do the support job, the straps will have to do it, so they are also digging in. So basically instead of lifting, separating and supporting, your bra is simply sitting there, like decoration.

JosephWasAChippyMinton Wed 17-Dec-14 16:38:06

Interesting stuff. Ok, so M&S reckon I am at 36A or B. On another thread someone described their norks as a ski slope (or was it a ski jump confused, which is a good description! And no cleavage.

So, what do you recommend?

Can you measure as described on the better bra campaign fitting guide -sorry can't link but Google will bring it up

JosephWasAChippyMinton Wed 17-Dec-14 17:29:46

Band 31, boobs 36.

So is that 32DD, or 30E or thereabouts? shock

Yup, try 30dd, 30e, 32dd and 32d

JosephWasAChippyMinton Wed 17-Dec-14 20:47:07

Will give it a go and report back. Thanks smile

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