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Bra help needed please!

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photocop Mon 15-Dec-14 17:33:16

I've measured myself following advice on the other thread, and I measure 32B. My breasts really are like tiny fried eggs sad

Obviously I need padding (or surgery!), but can anyone recommend a particular brand or style. My breasts are quite widely spaced. I am quite thin, I can feel my ribs through my breasts for goodness' sake.

I hate the way I look, and any tips would be most appreciated. I have never liked being this small-chested but it recently got worse (lost a few pounds unintentionally and it feels like my breasts shrank more than other parts of my body). I have been considering surgery even though I always said I wouldn't sad

I believe Panache Atlantis are very good for smaller busts, they do various styles. I wear Panache myself and the quality is good so they could be worth a try.

photocop Mon 15-Dec-14 20:25:20

Thanks, I'll take a look.

Anyone else?

SorrelForbes Mon 15-Dec-14 22:24:50

I have a friend who is a similar size and she likes the Lepel Fiore padded plunges.

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