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I need help with layering & a capsule wardrobe

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vvviola Mon 15-Dec-14 02:23:50

It's supposed to be summer here. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I'll be moving into shorts, sun dresses etc.

And then in a month's time we are going travelling to Japan (and then moving back to Ireland).

In my decluttering I've got rid of a lot of clothes that I didn't like/didn't fit.

So, I need to buy a few things here (NZ) that I can use here, layer with other stuff for Japan (and if miracles happen work into a business casual office wardrobe when I get back)

Problem is, I don't know how to layer things properly or combine things into different outfits very well. I look at the "430 outfits from just 6 pieces of clothing" things on Pinterest in total awe but have no idea where to start.

Can anyone point me (size 16/18, shortish, carry most weight around my middle, decent legs, 36DD) in the right direction, when all I really know about clothes is narrow leg/skinny trousers look best once I have something long to cover my middle, and scoop or v-necks look better than high necks.

The weight of my suitcase (and therefore DH's back!) will thank you smile

captainweasel Mon 15-Dec-14 04:56:36

Ok. I might be able to help. I'm in nz at present. And for once travelled in with only 8.5kg of luggage. Smug.

Key items for me are:

Black skinnies.
Denim shirt - I also wear this at home with smart pencil skirts for work.
Lots of vests/Camis.
Grey cardigan -hip length - soft.
Nude ballet pumps.
Flipflops (jandals-why are they called that?)
Leopard print scarf.
Shorts/Capri pants.

I have a couple of long line Tshirts.

GrapeWallofChina Mon 15-Dec-14 05:13:26

The main thing is pick a colour theme then work round that to cut down on shoes, bags etc and so everything can work together. Then plan in time for cleaning at a hotel for shirts / underwear. So I recently did a 2 week, multi country work trip with just carry-on based on
- "nice" jeans - ie dark, skinnies but not too tight. Worn on plane with white T shirt, blue jumper and scarf
- black 7/8's trousers
- black wrap round dress
- Blue shift dress - can be poshed up for dinners or worn for work
- couple more t-shirts - blue and black.
- 1 tailored white shirt
- black blazer - goes with trousers and over dresses. And for more casual work day with Jeans
- ballet flats on the plane, heels and flipflops in the case
- couple of extra scarves

I find Zara currently are doing some good quality tshirts also Muji but sometimes a bit thin, Gap for jeans, and if you have a Banana Republic or happy to buy online, they are great for basics. More expensive J Crew lasts well and Agnes B can be good for ideas as well as pieces but they don't size well for big norks!

vvviola Mon 15-Dec-14 06:31:14

Thanks - that's very useful.

So, if I kept to black/grey/white/teal (because I am irresistibly drawn to teal and seem to have quite a few accessories in that shade), that might work, right?

Which would mean the lovely emerald green long sleeve merino top I got today for $15 wouldn't fit in. Damn....

I have leather boots but no presentable runners of any description. My jandals (apparently from "Japanese sandals" captainweasel) are pretty grubby but will last long enough to be chucked in a bin at the airport.

As far as I know GrapeWall there are none of those brands over here. But there are similar ones, so that has given me a few ideas of where to look.

Of course my biggest problem is that it's nearly impossible to find winter weight clothes here at the monent outside of the eyewateringly expensive camping and outdoor shops. Or the bargain rails. I spent a rather long portion of today rummaging in bargain rails without much success.

captainweasel Mon 15-Dec-14 09:07:16

Yes!! Thank you!! That makes so much sense now!! Others I've asked have responded with -because they're jandally. Not. Helpful.

I'd have thought you could do "green" as your colour splash. Then you could have the top.

My colour is red. So most of my outfits have flashes somewhere. I tend to keep shoes and bags fairly neutral. So cuts down on packing. Dh was astounded that I'd managed to cone all the way from the uk with only 8.5kg. Admittedly we are lucky that we are mostly staying with family so have access to washers.

I would try looking for lightweight longer sleeved cotton/wool tops thin jumpers you could layer.

That's the thing ice noticed about nz. Al the shops are different. No Zara. No mango. No h&m. No topshop. I have seen some nice things skinny jumpers perfect for layering in cotton on and amazon though.

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