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Is this hairstyle nice, manageable, suited to a round face? Thanks

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LeoandBoosmum Mon 15-Dec-14 01:11:55

Notmeagain1 Mon 15-Dec-14 01:31:53

I love it. Wish my hair would do something like that, but I have natural curl thats just enough to muck it up.

If you have the straight hair, go for it. It will look lovely. fwink

BrockAuLit Mon 15-Dec-14 01:50:54

Not sure I'd go with that if I had a round face. Won't it just make everything look rounder? Plus I think the key is the highlights/ general colour variations. With monotone colour I think it could look a bit Purdey. Sorry!

alltoomuchrightnow Mon 15-Dec-14 02:06:43

hmmm. i have an impossibly round face (even when slim) and would avoid this myself . I think would def emphasise the roundness. An oval face would look great with that style.
Apparently that kind of fringe helps a round face but i've never tried myself, being blessed with a high forehead as well as round face (thanks mum and dad for giving me your 'assets' i.e. dad's roundness and mum's massive forehead! I have a regular fringe though, which def disguises the forehead

alltoomuchrightnow Mon 15-Dec-14 02:07:34

na. Looked again at pic. That model has a slim non round face but from a distance she'd look totally round

LeoandBoosmum Mon 15-Dec-14 02:15:41

Thanks, Notmeagain1 smile It would really help if I looked like that model..! smile But I don't grin

BrockauLit, you're proably right. I have never dyed my hair and have lots of sensitivies, so would avoid highlights etc. I think you make a great point that it's the highlights and variations which give it texture. I also hate product on my hair and never use hairspay, so it would probably look flat and one dimensionsal. Thanks!

alltoomuchrightnow, yep, looking at it now it would add width to the face, so should probably be avoided for 'roundies'. I don't have a high forehead so much as recession on one side (which I hate) but this was addressed by the last hairdresser I went to who persuaded me to change my parting to the other side...such a simple thing but makes a difference and I don't know why I didn't think of it! Took ages to get used to it though. Fringes are great, aren't they? They hide a multitude of sins... Now, if I could just get one that would cover my entire face and still let me see grin

I'll probably go with a bob and post here for opinions smile

Thanks again.

alltoomuchrightnow Mon 15-Dec-14 02:19:43

Yep, big fan of fringes!
I do like that hairstyle in the pic but it's still bit 'football head' having been called that at school
I will say though.... I am finally at peace with round face now am in 40s. All my life have been called baby faced and hated it when younger. I was also told it would be an asset when i was much older (which I did not believe). Now I'm told I look ten years younger... I don't have any wrinkles either, just fine lines. I think if I lost the roundness and stopped drinking the amount of water I do, I'd age 50 years overnight!

whitecandles Mon 15-Dec-14 02:29:37

I have the roundest face in all of christendom (even though i am skinny. WHY) and i've had a similar haircut and it looked great. I'd go with a little bit more length and maybe some shorter layers and more of a fringe. Put wax through it to make it a bit choppy to avoid it looking frumpy.

I have long hair now, but whenever people see photos of me from when I had that haircut, they say how great I looked and I'm always tempted to go back.

I would DEFINITELY avoid a bob, especially a blunt one. Roundheads just look terrible with blunt bobs.

LeoandBoosmum Mon 15-Dec-14 02:33:01

I used to get called 'father's face'... wonder if it was the beard grin
I must admit I hadn't thought about it but now you say so perhaps having a round face is not such a bad thing. I've not got many wrinkles myself (same era as you) but I hadn't linked it to my face shape. I always envied my aunt's razor-sharp cheekbones when I was younger! I don't mind my round face but I would like cheekbones... Still, better than having a massive square head or a super masculine jawline or something. You are right, we should count or blessings and appreciate our round faces, squishy cheeks and all fgrin

LeoandBoosmum Mon 15-Dec-14 02:38:11

Hmmm, Whitecandles, thanks... Maybe I should ask my hairdresser (when I find one!)
I have had a bob like this before except my fringe was sideswept. I was told it looked great.
and like this at the back because I don't like those super angled bobs:

Now it's grown to just beyond my shoulders and because it's fine (but lots of it) it is just hanging there looking lifeless and limp!
I think I will take both pics to a hairdresser and get their input. Thanks fsmile

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