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Mis-sold rosacea skin care products can I return them?

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Pimpleminds Mon 15-Dec-14 00:11:50

I went into a chemist on Friday and asked for a gentle cleanser for my rosacea prone skin. The assistant assessed my skin and identified it as being very dry (which it is) and recommended a load of products some of which I bought.
I have used them now since Friday night and each time my rosacea is bright red and burning. So tonight I check the ingredients and find they all contain perfume and some contain mineral oil both of which are a complete no no for the condition. None of the products I have bought are part of the brand's rosacea range.
I really want to take them back and get something that is actually suitable for my bloody hideous red face but I am not sure I am brave enough.
I think she was all too focused on the dryness issue and not on what I was asking for but at the time I just trusted that she was recommending things that were gentle enough for the condition.
Do I have any right to return them?

LeoandBoosmum Mon 15-Dec-14 02:05:43

I can empathise with you (being a long-term sufferer) but this is what rosacea is like and why I always try to get samples first. Not wishing to come across as rude but did you not think to take a look at the packaging/ ingredients before you bought them if know mineral oil and fragrance are triggers for you? Also, did you open and try everything you bought at the same time? It is not a good idea - no matter how desperate - to try more than one product at a time as you won't know what is causing a flare-up. Also, if you'd only opened one item the chances are you could have returned the unused ones no problem. You *may be able to get a refund if you apply a little and show the store manager, citing a reaction? What brand was it? If all else fails, you may be able to contact the manufacturer directly?
I have found most SA's and skincare/ makeup counter staff have little idea of what rosacea is, how it needs to be handled and what should generally be avoided in terms of ingredients. I've had SA's say, 'This has no preservatives' or 'The fragrance is completely natural and non-irritating' Ummm, no!
I use Kiehl's supremely gentle eye makeup remover to cleanse (wet face, apply a blob and gentle massage in, rinse off with lukearm water) and Jurlique's moisture replenishing cream (lots of essential oils in it and my flare sometimes flares momentarily but it soon settles down and nothing addresses my dryness like it!) Jurlique are usually great with samples; just give them a ring and they should send some to you. They have just added in a new range for sensitivity (calendula, I think). I know you react to fragrance - so do I - but it's trial and error with sensitivities and rosacea, so worth trying. Kiehl's offer a money back guarantee so nothing to lose there. HTH.

LeoandBoosmum Mon 15-Dec-14 02:06:08

Not sure why part of that message is in bold...sorry about that.

Pimpleminds Mon 15-Dec-14 08:27:57

Thanks for the reply. I have used 2 out of 4 products. I really will be more careful about ingredients in future but I have done this a couple of times before in space Nk and Aveda and have been given good advice and suitable products. The brand I have been given (avene) even has a rosacea range (I now discover) so why didn't she recommend them?
I am going to go back and may say something, apart from anything else I need a cleanser I can actually use.

Pimpleminds Mon 15-Dec-14 08:54:59

And in retrospect I was stupid to trust her as at one point she suggested I switch to a bb cream (less drying) and I pointed out there was no way anything less than a medium coverage would mask the redness in winter. I should have realised at this point she had no experience of rosacea.

LeoandBoosmum Mon 15-Dec-14 16:58:30

Awww, they have to take back the unopened, unused ones if you have a receipt (I would think) and the other two that you suffered a 'reaction' to? Most stores will accept a return in the case of a reaction... Tell her you reacted to it and see what she says. Why don't you try the Kiehl's supremely gentle eye makeup remover I suggested (nothing to lose as they will take used products back if you react)? It is great! It is like a milk/ lotion. I wet my face, gently massage in a couple of blobs and rinse. You may have to repeat if you have to wear a heavier foundation though. Let us know how you get on. Rosacea is miserable. It affects both my skin and eyes and I have other health issues that compound the problem for sucks!

lovetomatoes Mon 15-Dec-14 18:07:21
A bit off-topic ( I can't comment on whether you'll get your money back), but using turmeric directly on my face has worked wonders on my rosacea.
I don't even bother with the milk n honey, but make a paste with very mild cleanser ( Clinique extra-mild facial soap, but any mild, runny cleanser would work), smear on, leave for five-ten minutes and wash off with a flannel. It stains everything and your face is yellow until the next day, but it works.
Re skincare I use the Kiehls oil-free spf 50 during the day and I find Ren stuff really good for rosacea as well. Definitely no essential oils or perfume.

burnishedsilver Mon 15-Dec-14 18:18:22

It might be worth asking for free samples next time. My local chemist has lots of little tubes of la Roche possay.

I think you have a reasonable chance of a refund.

FelixFelixNavidad Mon 15-Dec-14 18:21:04

Definitely take it back. I got a moisturiser from Khiels once, which was sold to me as being 'all natural ingredients' and really gentle for sensitive skin (I have perioral dermatitis so allergic to a hell of a lot of stuff) and I reacted so badly to it. I took it back and received a refund with no questions asked.

Laquila Mon 15-Dec-14 22:17:24

Definitely try taking them back and try to get a refund, or credit, on the basis that they mis-sold then.

Pimpleminds Mon 15-Dec-14 22:31:46

Intrigued about the tumeric, how long before your face stops being yellow?

lovetomatoes Tue 16-Dec-14 13:50:11

If I do the mask at night and wash it off I still look a bit jaundiced the following morning but it's coverable with make-up. The only thing I've found with comparably reliable results is oral anti-biotics which I've taken in the past but don't want to be on again.
Twice a week is enough for the mask. I still have to avoid curries, too much alcohol and sudden changes of temperature but I'm delighted to be seeing skin in the mirror rather than an angry mass of bumps.

ReindeerCarpaccio Tue 16-Dec-14 16:21:50

I personally would try taking the products back - the worst you can get is a no.

If they are not helpful, then contact Avene directly - I've found their service absolutely amazing (unlike La Roche-Posay who just suggested me to try more of their products after one of their products broke me out in massive horrible spots all over, despite the product being for my skin type and me not being allergic or sensitive to anything).

ygritte Tue 16-Dec-14 20:47:04

I have tried the Avene Rosacea range.... and reacted straight away. I had to take it back to Boots, got an immediate refund and later the opportunity to fill out a questionaire that arrived by post.
I happily use a fair proportion of their products but some react instantaneously. Now I prefer to use A Derma.

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