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Messed up semi-permanent hair dye on Friday. Can I re-dye a (slightly) different colour today?

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gamora Sun 14-Dec-14 11:40:56

Dyed my hair Friday with a boots botanic semi-permanent. No idea what I was doing as I've done it before but I basically missed patches that are very visable on the back, and the back looks a much lighter colour than the front. I can't really go into work looking like this.

The boots semi-permanent I had picked up while in another town with work last week, but have now realised its sold out online and I can't buy the same, so I'll have to get a different one if I re-do it. Is that ok? There's no chance it will react? Will it cover both the colours that are now there, or at least even them out?!

MissWimpyDimple Sun 14-Dec-14 11:46:05

As long as it's the same colour or darker it should be fine. You need to be very thorough in making sure it covers everywhere. Specially underneath and at the back. If your hair is very long and you are going a lot darker you may even need 2 packs.

gamora Sun 14-Dec-14 11:51:56

thanks, I think I will buy two packs this time and I have enlised DP to help apply (he is feeling charitable because my hair is now two colours!) so that should help a bit. It has got a lot longer almost without me noticing (fine, but nearly at bra strap) so I was probably being a bit ridiculous thinking I could get away with one pack.

Does anyone have any recommendations for an auburn semi-permanent? The one I had used was boots warm teracotta auburn, I'm basically dealing with having used permanent dyes with bleach in them for years and trying to bring the colour down closer to my natural colour as it was just starting to wash out so I want to grow it out as much as possible. However its hard: most of the semi-permanents are very 'plummy' or just dark brown: a warm brown with coppery shades shouldn't be such a holy grail really.

I like the boots one but only find it in the odd shop and at this point, am prepared to prioritise my hair being all the one colour!

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