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Colour help! Had hair chopped short today.

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queenbrunhilda Sat 13-Dec-14 20:24:38

So on a whim this morning I had my longish hair cut off. Now sporting a lego haircut-type chin-length bob. I like it. It's still quite swishy at the front, can be pushed back behind my ears to look like a more a masculine crop or even worn Suzy Menkes style with a mad quiff. But I think it needs stronger colour (which I can't afford to do at a salon). So, any ideas? I am dark brown, recently re-dyed a semi-permanent dark brown, to cover up patches of grey. Think i need something bolder - a cool dark, purpley red/ brown perhaps? Do you think I can slap another semi-perm over the top? Don't really want to use a permanent if I can help it...Any ideas or recommendations of colours that might work? Thanks in advance.

Milmingebag Sun 14-Dec-14 10:34:52

If it is dark brown very few semis are going to do anything but give your hair a slight hue. Castings black cherry might work achieve what you want.

queenbrunhilda Sun 14-Dec-14 14:35:24

Thanks Milminge - have you used this colour? Do you know if it's a cool or warm red?

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