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Eye make up Christmas party

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NeverFreezeLobsters Fri 12-Dec-14 15:29:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

flux500 Fri 12-Dec-14 18:50:27

Superdrug are great and modern and lisa Eldridge on YouTube. Though I tightline the upper eyelid and she doesn't seem to do this otherwise I like all her looks. Ps get eyelash curler smile

radiobedhead Fri 12-Dec-14 19:02:43

Get a MUA or Barry M palette from Superdrug with neutral colours and a pot of Barry M sparkle in brown. Get a brush if you can, Real Techniques ones are good.

Use a pale-medium colour all over your lid and go almost to the brows. Then get a medium colour and sort of sweep it across your socket. Makes your eyes look bigger. Adjust to your taste! Use one of the darker colours near your lash line across the top, and then a bit on your last line below but only from the middle out. Then go over your lids with the sparkly stuff. Plenty of mascara. And a nice pink or red lipstick if you can be arsed.

That's it! Don't go overboard if you're not used to doing or wearing make up.

I think Pixiwoos videos are good.

bottleofbeer Fri 12-Dec-14 19:53:06

I'm sorry but I find MUA terrible make up. Doesn't last five minutes. It's much easier for you to find a tutorial online than describe it to you.

OHolyShite Fri 12-Dec-14 19:56:51

Agree that MUA eye-shadow is pants.
Sleek do the most incredible palettes though. I bought two today and have just done an amazing emerald green and black smokey eye.

As well as Pixiwoo I recommend VintageorTacky and Sharon Farrell on YouTube. Two of my favourite beauty gurus. I don't really find Lisa Eldridge all that interesting.

Get some good brushes and blend, blend, BLEND!!

bottleofbeer Fri 12-Dec-14 20:13:11

A Smokey eye is actually quite easy. You're using dark colours so you've got more scope to mess up and it not look terrible. I don't like tightlining, the point of eyeliner is to open up your eyes so it should go above and below imo. Good eyebrows and a light shadow underneath and half the job is done anyway. Just play around till you've got the look you want. Barry M dazzle dust is great.

NeverFreezeLobsters Fri 12-Dec-14 20:15:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bottleofbeer Fri 12-Dec-14 20:18:44

You take the lighter base colour to the eyebrows yes. It gives a highlight effect. The darker should go no higher than the middle crease of the eyelid.

bottleofbeer Fri 12-Dec-14 20:21:14

Oh, I wouldn't take a silver up to the eyebrow. I use bourjois number 10. It's almost skin coloured and a little bit sparkly. Use something like that as your base colour for any make up look you're going for.

bottleofbeer Fri 12-Dec-14 20:31:41

Ok, so apply your base colour up to your well defined brows. Silver on the lower eyelid, then use the purple on the outer area of the lower lid, build it up gradually. I.e: don't take the purple right into the corner of the eye nearest to your nose. Little stokes of the same purple as a lower lash eyeliner. A slick of liquid eyeliner above the top lashes (takes practice this bit) and mascara. Or if you're feeling daring, falsies.

NeverFreezeLobsters Fri 12-Dec-14 20:33:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NeverFreezeLobsters Fri 12-Dec-14 20:34:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bottleofbeer Fri 12-Dec-14 20:38:23

Oh well you'll have to just buy more make up that goes with teal then! wink

NeverFreezeLobsters Fri 12-Dec-14 20:58:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LeoandBoosmum Sat 13-Dec-14 15:02:14

NeverFreezeLobsters: Personally, I would stay away from purples and plum as, if you are not confident in what you are doing, you have more potential to look bruised. I don't know what colour your eyes are but, given that you've bought a teal eyeliner, I would try a green smoky
eye (a bit different too...and there are plenty of tutorials on YT. Lisa Eldridge may have one (she's very good) so you can have a practice run or two. I think the secret to a good smoky eye is to take your time, apply gradually and blend, blend, blend. Keep the rest of your makeup pretty understated or you could look a bit pantomime dame grin... As others have said, you need a well-groomed brow. You don't need to spend a fortune but you do need a decent set of brushes to achieve a good smoky eye.
If you go to a Dior counter they will demonstrate a smoky eye on you...and their 5 couleur palettes more or less have everything you could need! They have a new one with browns (hint of plum in there) for Winter/ Christmas if you really want plum/ purples.
The green one is gorgeous and would go with your teal liner! If you go to Boots they can do you a smoky eye with this palette and buy it once you know what you're doing with it (if it's not out of budget):


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