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Has anyone done the Perricone 3 day salmon diet? Does it work? My face looks like a deflated leather football.

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Dancinglaughingdrinkingloving Thu 11-Dec-14 17:20:44

Does it? Does it work?

sirmione Thu 11-Dec-14 19:49:44

Watching with keen interest. Deflated leather football pretty much describes my mug these days....

Dancinglaughingdrinkingloving Thu 11-Dec-14 20:10:08

I hope someone comes along who's tried it! I love salmon (!) and am willing to give it a go but would love to hear someone's first hand experiences. And if it does work, how often should you do it?

plumduffer Fri 12-Dec-14 12:16:15

Tried it, some years ago now - but it was more than three days, I think I had found a weeklong version…?

Didn't notice much difference skinwise, although I have always eaten a fairly healthy diet and lots of salmon and mackerel, etc. What I did notice was how artificial and weird other foods tasted afterwards (I ended the experiment with tinned tomato soup…it was like eating flour paste).

Might be a good time of year to try it, seeing as there are often deals on whole salmon around now! I would say it's probably a better intro to eating "clean" and healthily than anything else. I love salmon, green veg and melon so it seemed like a three-day treat tbh. I would do it again just for that reason!

Bexicles Fri 12-Dec-14 12:53:13

I did it this time last year and definitely saw an improvement in the texture of my skin. I found it hard going though even I love salmon, I had had enough by day 3! It does work.

Bexicles Fri 12-Dec-14 12:53:59

*even though

TheCowThatLaughs Fri 12-Dec-14 12:55:57

When I was eating salmon and avocado most days for lunch I definitely noticed my skin looked a lot better

pinkfrocks Fri 12-Dec-14 16:55:37

I think you have to make things like this a way of life, not a quick fix.

In a normal week I might eat salmon twice plus I try to eat a tin of sardines ( on toast or in a salad.) I eat some kind of fish almost daily though not all has a good supply of omega 3.

I eat 2-3 small avocados each week, walnuts as a snack or mixed with apple & celery as a salad, and use olive or rapeseed oil on salads and in cooking.

I don't drink alcohol or tea or coffee- not out of choice but for a medical reason.

You also need to cut right back on sugar- it destroys collagen.

So far so good- am late 50s and no wrinkles but I have used sun block spf 25+ for 25 years too, every day.

Dancinglaughingdrinkingloving Fri 12-Dec-14 19:49:29

Thanks all. I might give it a go after Christmas.
Pinfrocks, I hate to hear that sugar kills collagen! Oops! I would find it very difficult to cut it out. I need my daily 'mother's little helper' of chocolate...why are all the good things bad? Perhaps I'll try to give it up in January though, for the sake of my bag of spanners!

trulyenoughnow Fri 12-Dec-14 20:03:17

I've done it and it works to make good skin great I think, but not so effective at making not-so-good skin great. My best newly discovered tip is to smother clean skin in bepanthen before bed. You will wake looking loads younger and any blemishes will be smoothed and less noticeable. It really is incredible (and super cheap).

Dancinglaughingdrinkingloving Fri 12-Dec-14 22:21:23

What is this bepanthen of which you speak? <consults google feverishly>

trulyenoughnow Fri 12-Dec-14 23:24:05

Nappy cream. From boots etc, and cheap in lidl. V greasy and I believe lanolin based. Just leave it on over night, (I wash with a lanolin based soap too, or pure olive oil soap,so as not to spoil the effect!). It has done wonders for my post-fourth baby skin.

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