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Help to style my bargain dress please!

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hellswelshy Wed 10-Dec-14 17:40:43

Hi! Bought a black swing dress fro Matalan today (missed out on the one I really wanted with the angel sleeves). Cant do links on my phone sorry but its black 3/4 sleeve swing dress with lace panel round the neckline.
Could anybody suggest some styling ideas for this dress please? Im so rubbish at this bit! Its for a 40th meal in a pub, but also my only night out before Christmas. Im 39, size 14/16 and I want to look slightly modern gringrin

RojaGato Wed 10-Dec-14 17:53:14


Is it similar to this?,mon_1.2/6451350108

Have this one and for something a bit more casual (i.e. meal in pub) I wear it with brown plaited leather belt and flat brown knee high boots. for this I put my hair up in a french twist and wear nice earrings or a scarf round my neck so it's not too casual.

For an evening out I wear it with a sparkly belt and sparkly high heeled shoes. Belt is the black one of these two

HTH and enjoy the meal and night out!

hellswelshy Wed 10-Dec-14 18:06:17

Thank you for that! Yes its very similar to that Monsoon one. I will have a try of a belt, im a bit cautious of them normally as my middle is the bit I usually try not to draw attention towink
Do you think earrings rather than necklace? And coloured tights or patterned or black?

RojaGato Wed 10-Dec-14 18:55:58

Me too re waist/middle, but I find if I belt it not too far under my bust it makes a difference. I'm 39 too by the way.

Tights I think depends on your shoes? Patterned black tights could be nice to pick up the lace top if you have plain-ish shoes. So could coloured tights, especially if you have shoes that are the same colour as the tights rather than black- so something like all purple could be striking.

I think earrings if you put your hair up and a necklace if you wear your hair down.

Ear cuffs are quite fun if you want to look modern and have something a bit sparkly. Here are few that don't break the bank

If you go for a necklace, I would go for a necklace that's long enough it is past the lace, so it doesn't get lost in the lace bit. Maybe really quite long swingy one to pick up the line of the dress. I would avoid a short necklace unless you have a really big statement one so it doesn't compete too much with the lace.

hellswelshy Wed 10-Dec-14 19:11:43

Thank you! I was thinking an ear cuff strangely enough shock

Love all your suggestions. I think that is my problem with styling/accessorising, that I love lots of different ideas but never know how to choose what ones go with which outfit. Its an art I suppose smile

I'll have an experiment tommorow - thanks again.

RojaGato Wed 10-Dec-14 22:48:46

Enjoy the experimenting! That;s the bet bit, like playing dress up when you were a kid!

Merry Xmas

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