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Jeans for a bootcut wearer...

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LBOCS Wed 10-Dec-14 12:11:12

I know about the Mumsnet hatred for bootcut jeans and while I do feel they have their place, I'm looking to branch out into something a bit different... But I don't know what.

Where should I look? What should I be looking at?! I'm a size 18, curvy (so I have a significant bottom) and I have quite... Prominent thighs. My legs are not my best feature, which is why I've been covering them up until now.

Help me find something which doesn't make me look like a parsnip please?

I've tried NYDJ before and didn't like them. Also, have a reasonable budget for the 'right' pair - I just don't know where to begin.

Vivacia Wed 10-Dec-14 13:12:53

Good luck, I was a die-hard bootcut fan until very recently (slimmed down to an 8 and am now living in jeggings).

Perhaps set aside some time to take different styles in to the changing room and try them on? If I had to advise I'd say straight leg.

nottheOP Wed 10-Dec-14 13:26:21

Gap Real Straight. They go up to a 35 which would be a 17 by my calculations but they're on the generous side

MakeMeWarmThisWinter Wed 10-Dec-14 14:20:31

Winter is your friend - get some skinnies and wear them with knee boots. This is a really flattering look and avoids the parsnip look you can get if you're big bottomed and wear shoes, the boots provide balance then wear a slouchy jumper on top.

Twinklestein Wed 10-Dec-14 14:22:29

Mumsnet is always behind the fashion and has some very odd aberrations.
Kick flares are bang on trend right now, here are a couple from J Brand:



(Not suggesting you should spend £200 on a pair of jeans, just showing you what cutting edge jean designers are doing.)

Otherwise what about boyfriend jeans - you can get them in lots of different shapes, so you could no doubt find some that worked for you.

LBOCS Wed 10-Dec-14 14:53:29

Actually, I do love a kick flare. And boyfriend jeans. I just haven't worn any since I was skinny much younger. Maybe I need to reinvestigate. Thank you all grin

SofaCanary Wed 10-Dec-14 16:06:05

I just got some black Vicky Beckhams kick flares - v, nice they are too!

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