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Mens watch - special occasion

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Hugeheadache Wed 10-Dec-14 07:33:35

Hi, I am looking for a nice watch for my husband. Budget is 1k (please, don't flame me, it is a special occasion). Which brands should I be looking at around this price point? I don't want anything too conspicuous and needs to be able to wear daily, so no heavy bracelet or blingy stuff. Leather or rubber bracelets preferred.

Many thanks for your insights!

smaths Wed 10-Dec-14 08:00:53

I bought DH a second hand omega seamaster 300 (from an authorised dealer, so all reconditioned like new and with Guarantee) for just over 1k for his 40th earlier this year. I did a lot of research on watchuseek (a watch forum) about models/prices etc. A second hand classic will always keep its value and be an heirloom. It's beautiful, very understated and he almost cried when he saw it having wanted one for 20 yrs. This one here:

LeoandBoosmum Wed 10-Dec-14 14:47:28

This is really nice and under budget:'s-grey-dial-mock-croc-leather-strap-watch/p1223160

Almost the same but automatic (relies on movement of wrist, not battery):

They are very high quality and are classic and understated.

LeoandBoosmum Wed 10-Dec-14 14:49:29

Another ML automatic

ChristmasJumperWearer Wed 10-Dec-14 14:56:12

I would second the Omega suggestion - they have gone up massively in price the past few years and are great watches as well as a great investment.

Hugeheadache Thu 11-Dec-14 10:35:21

Thanks very much! I love the look of the Omega. Off shopping now :-)

BringMeTea Thu 11-Dec-14 10:56:57

Christopher Ward! This is the third time in a week I have had occasion to suggest them. smile

mowglik Thu 11-Dec-14 10:57:19

Longines watches are a good brand and you can find plenty around/under £1k

mowglik Thu 11-Dec-14 11:00:06

Also if you go instore to ernest Jones/goldsmith etc you can always haggle on more expensive watches look for £1-200 off on £1k and play the shops off each other!

aftereight Thu 11-Dec-14 18:45:31

Another bote for Christopher Ward. 'Serious' quality watches within your budget.

aftereight Thu 11-Dec-14 18:46:09


TurnOverTheTv Thu 11-Dec-14 19:27:27

Christopher Ward have lovely stuff in your price range

Hugeheadache Sat 13-Dec-14 08:39:11

Fantastic! I had never heard of CW. The Longines watches are also lovely and classy. Glad I asked!

LadyFairfaxSake Sat 13-Dec-14 14:50:37

I've got an Omega Seamaster, model 2254.5000, I love it & wear it daily. As a pp wrote, they look good, are tough, perform well & are steadily appreciating in value.

Toughasoldboots Sat 13-Dec-14 14:52:32

I have bought dh an omega for christmas, it's really simple and strong looking.

Butwhereto Sat 13-Dec-14 15:14:19

With your budget a reconditioned omega like above. Christopher Ward are also great value for automatics and provide great customer service. Look at their forum! I ended up buying DH a Hamilton Khaki Field watch very cheap as he wanted something below 42mm and very plain. It's tricky to buy a mens watch that isn't really big these days. There is also a Tissot watch that looks a bit like the Seamaster but much cheaper. I think people do get used to the metal bracelets though after a week or so even if they haven't considered them before.

Samantha28 Sat 13-Dec-14 17:06:14

Another vote for Christopher Ward. I have one of their ladies watches , but sadly they are discontinuing them all

BringMeTea Sun 14-Dec-14 13:45:04

Oh Samantha I wonder why. Guess it's a stroke of luck DH has got me one for Christmas!

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