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Is black trousers and a top officially the dullest party outfit ever?

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CambridgeBlue Tue 09-Dec-14 22:39:44

I've got my first work do in years on Friday, I'm really looking forward to it but I've just found out that it's going to be pretty smart and I don't do smar very well sad

I've got one dress that's more of a ball gown so too over the top but other than that my going out stuff consists of jeans or slim black trousers with a sparkly top. If I wear that I'm going to look really boring aren't i?

Pretty sure most other people will be in dresses and sparkles with lots of flesh on display but I have neither a figure that suits showing off (short wobbly hourglass) nor the cash to spend on something I'll only wear once. Help!

holeinmyheart Tue 09-Dec-14 23:48:23

Well I think there are some nice ' A'line floaty tops about in New Look, Primark and H&M. I have a fabulous top from New Look and as I combine it with some real pearls people think it is very expensive item.
Also there are Charity shops.
I would buy a darkish green a line floaty top from Primark and on top wear a very blingy necklace. V shape. Plus a skirt and black tights and cheap kitten heels.
'A ' line tops flair at the hips, hiding wobbly bits. V neck tops are best for wide shoulders and a sparkly necklace placed between your breasts detracts from them.
Black is slimming, but you could team an all black outfit with a bright blue cardigan and a blue sparkly necklace.
Get you hair done and stick a couple of false eyelashes to the outer edge of you eyelashes, put on more slap than normal, and you are done.

JubJubBirds Tue 09-Dec-14 23:51:30

It's all in the shoes and the face/hair with that outfit. It's that that'll make or break it. Any ideas on the shoes or how you'll do your hair or make up yet?

CambridgeBlue Wed 10-Dec-14 07:00:59

thanks, I agree that hair, make-up and shoes will make a difference - got some lovely killer heels from a wedding last year and plenty of sparkly make-up so that should help.

Love the idea of dark green but running out of time to shop - left it too late as usual!

burnishedsilver Wed 10-Dec-14 08:15:01

I agree. Its all in the grooming and accessorising. Slim black trousers done right should take you anywhere.

burnishedsilver Wed 10-Dec-14 08:19:51

.....having said that, I'm not sure about the phrase "plenty of sparkely make up". The are some fantastic make up tutorials on you tube if you're in need of ideas.

iwantginsoakedXmas Wed 10-Dec-14 08:24:25

I think that outfit will be fine as long as you carry it off with a smile smile

Nice shoes, bit of blingy jewellery and 'done' hair and make up and you;ll be fine.

Better to wear something that you are comfortable in than a skimpy sequinned frock that makes you feel over dressed.

callamia Wed 10-Dec-14 08:28:43

What kind of back trousers? Cigarette pants, or really lovely wide pants could look really stylish; old boot cut trousers will look frumpy. Personally, I hate the idea of a Christmassy sparkly too - I love sequins, but sparkly just for the sake of a Christmas party makes me a bit miserable. A great pair of shoes, and a stylish, bold coloured too could look really great; or a black well-cut too with some bold accessories and make-up?

HellKitty Wed 10-Dec-14 08:54:06

God I love sparkly eyeshadow. Just a bit over your lids, or just where you'd add top eyeliner if you're nervous. Lashings of eyeliner, mascara or falsies and a big fuckoff necklace and you'll look great!

CambridgeBlue Wed 10-Dec-14 21:12:39

I use the term 'sparkly makeup' loosely - I just mean more than I'd wear day to day and maybe the odd bit of sparkle, I'm not going for full on pantomime dame style smile

My trousers are cigarette pants so hopefully on the stylish side, I do feel more comfy in them than a dress but just hope I'm not the only one in trousers.

MiniTheMinxLovesMinxPies Wed 10-Dec-14 21:21:09

I love slim fitting black trousers, sparkly cami or silk shirt with a nicely tailored black DJ style jacket. It knocks socks off frilly dresses!

I agree too, if you get hair, make up and accessories right it will look very stylish. Have fun.

chocolatespiders Wed 10-Dec-14 21:26:42

I am wearing dark blue jeans, cream and black spotty top and hot pink blazer to my one tomorrow!! I think I will be the odd one out but dont have time to worry.

CambridgeBlue Thu 11-Dec-14 06:32:23

I'd be comfier still in jeans chocolatespider! Have fun smile

Passthecake30 Thu 11-Dec-14 06:42:59

I always end up in black slim trousers, I'm 6ft and don't do dress and heels combo very well. So long as you're comfy and confident. Do u have a special bag to carry it off?

AnnyMummy Thu 11-Dec-14 15:58:26

I don't think that's boring at all. Which colour is your sparkly top?

Fierceflora Thu 11-Dec-14 16:11:41

God I hate dressing up too, I LOVE clothes but can't stand all that 'girly' stuff plus I look like I am in drag or something. I am going out to a posh Xmas dinner with dh's clients on sat and am wearing low cut navy Ghost maxi dress with flat boots and a tight fitting tux jacket, I may or may not add a chunky crystal pendant necklace. I would have gone for trousers if I'd owned any that were dressy enough. I'm doing toned down dressy!

Petal02 Thu 11-Dec-14 17:52:42

I agree either the poster who said that slim black trousers done right can take you anywhere.

With, for example, midnight blue or berry sparkly top, leopard print heels, faux fur stole.

Have a great time smile

KittyB52 Thu 11-Dec-14 20:58:10

I wore black trousers with a red cami and a red and black 'kimono' jacket to our works do last year and was comfortable in it. This year, I was determined to find a dress I liked. And I did...except now we're getting near the party, I am bottling out of wearing it (plus I now think the dress doesn't fit me as well as it should). Instead, I am going for a tunic/dress which I will wear with leggings/v. slim trousers and high heels.

I do this all the time - decide that I need to wear a dress, then at the last minute, I end up wearing trousers instead. I'm just not comfortable in dresses.

CambridgeBlue Thu 11-Dec-14 22:10:15

Actually the top I'm planning to wear is berry coloured and my shoes are pretty foxy! I havent got a proper evening bag but I've got a pewter coloured mini saddle bag which looks nice and is more me. Really looking forward to it smile

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