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What on earth do I do with my hair?

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InfinitySeven Mon 08-Dec-14 20:24:06

I used to have lovely long blonde hair. I loved it. It is very straight, but it looked nice and suited me.

Two years ago I went with MIL to have her hair cut, and she talked me into having a free "trim". They tied my hair up, for some reason, and accidentally cut it all off. It ended up being mid-neck length, and looked horrible. I hated it, it didn't suit me at all.

It's now mid-back length again. I did have a fringe so that bit is a little shorter, but it hasn't really retained any layers.

What shall I do with it? It probably does need cutting, but I'm scared.

I love Chelsea Houska's hair, but with my hair being quite heavy and fine, I don't know if that will hold?

I don't want anything short, or anything too fussy...I'm a drag-a-hairbrush-through-it type of person first thing in the morning.

InfinitySeven Tue 09-Dec-14 11:11:35

Any thoughts?

I'm thinking like this...but I don't know if lots of layers would do, or if I'd need to curl it each morning, which is unlikely to actually happen.

Also tempted by the colour...

VenusRising Tue 09-Dec-14 11:38:22

Infinity, my sympathies- I often make fashion faux pas when I'm shopping with someone else like my MIL or SIL. They are rather opinionated, and have very different styles to me.

Fwiw I think you should draw a line over what happened to your hair that day, when you felt pressurised into getting it cut, and leave it for another 6 months, just using a lovely hair masque every week, with a face mask, and your hands and feet moisturised in gloves and socks. Spend 30 minutes on yourself, just pampering!!

If your hair suits you long and blond, then that's what it will look like in 6 months- no need to be someone you're not, just to please someone else.

RojaGato Wed 10-Dec-14 18:42:39

Agree with Venus Rising! Just let it grow. If you feel the need to go the hairdresser, go for a blow dry or to get it curled, you will appreciate letting it grow in the end.

Dorisdolalee Thu 11-Dec-14 10:29:55

You would need to get the hang of a curling tong to get that style - Which you can do without having a hair cut. I agree with what the others say. After a traumatic hair experience the best Thing you can do is leave it alone. It may need a trim after. 6 /9 months or so but just a tiny tiny one. No layers.

When you get that urge for a hair cut try and channel it elsewhere!

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