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Helping to cook on Xmas Day - what should I wear on my feet?

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clareyh12 Mon 08-Dec-14 10:42:10

Visitng friends on Christmas day and helping with the cooking.

Got my dress sorted but not sure whether to wear heels, flats, slippers or stockinged feet especially as will be helping cook and serve.

MizK Mon 08-Dec-14 10:49:02

Are they shoes off in the house people? As that will obviously determine what's best...

What are you most comfortable in? I hate wearing shoes in the house and wouldn't wear a glam dress with stockinged feet?

clareyh12 Mon 08-Dec-14 10:51:30

No they're not shoes off people.

Do you think stockinged feet is ok with a glam dress

MizK Mon 08-Dec-14 11:03:52

I think so? Better than slippers unless you have a particularly chic pair!

clareyh12 Mon 08-Dec-14 11:07:42

Not really. DH thinks I should wear shoes but would much prefer glam dress and stockinged feet.

it's a renovated farmhouse in the country

WhatsGoingOnEh Mon 08-Dec-14 11:08:52

Stockinged feet with a lovely glam dress on xmas day? Buy some lovely shoes you can stand and walk in. Like a slightly lower heel (3") or a wider heel.

IHaveBrilloHair Mon 08-Dec-14 11:13:43

I'm wearing flat silver t bars, comfy but they are lovely.

Elysianfields Mon 08-Dec-14 11:15:14

renovated farm house may mean stone floors and draughts! I would wear something - I might change into ballet flats for the cooking bit?

AuntieMaggie Mon 08-Dec-14 11:34:27

If you're helping cook/serve make sure your feet are covered whatever you wear - my friend spilt hot food on her bare foot last year spent the afternoon in a&e and couldn't wear shoes for months after

ejayne Mon 08-Dec-14 11:44:46

We stayed in a country house hotel last year.

I was planning on wearing a glam dress and heels but on the day decided just to wear it shoeless in stockinged feet to be comfy. Even though it was a 5 star hotel it wasn't a problem at all.

iwantgin Mon 08-Dec-14 13:32:57

I would suggest that it would be safer to wear something on your feet too.

Stockinged feet might be slippery - or you could spill hot fat/gravy on your feet.

How about some ballet flats - I have a pair that I only ever wear indoors (as they are too uncomfortable to walk far in) and I'll be wearing those when cooking our Christmas dinner.

Mine are like this pumps (I have had mine about 4 years so the exact model is no longer on sale)

Amethyst24 Mon 08-Dec-14 15:06:02

I'd definitely go for ballet flats, possibly pointed ones as they're a bit more glam. Next have a few styles, v cheap, or Boden do better quality leather ones.

IHaveBrilloHair Mon 08-Dec-14 15:56:45

These are mine

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