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Dinner and drinks..

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MrsRaegan Sun 07-Dec-14 19:29:05

I have a date! Well I'm going for dinner with a friend on the understanding that we're going to "see how things go" so a meal then meeting mutual friends after.

Can someone help me pick an outfit? I'm a size 14/16/18 (depending where I shop!) and average height and I'm 24. Thanks for any help, my mind has gone blank!

MrsRaegan Sun 07-Dec-14 21:27:21

Blatant bumping grin

RojaGato Wed 10-Dec-14 01:02:45

I am 5' 4"" and a size 14/16 when I met my husband. For our first date I wore a gunmetal grey silk a-line skirt that was a longish mini- so a few inches above the knee, showed a bit of leg, but not that short and not tight so not too sexy. It had a black splashy pattern on it. I wore it with black knee boots with a small kitten heel and a soft slightly fluffy grey jumper. Jumper looked strokeable. I had on long grey tweed coat and a grey cossack hat as well as it was January and snowing.

But in a nutshell I would say aim for the cuter end of sexy. Pick your best body part (legs, bum, bust) and highlight it in a subtle way. So flat or low heel knee boots and shortish but loose skirt if you like your legs rather than a micro mini and high heels. If you like your bust, wear a sparkly brooch or necklace that is just the right length over a soft top rather than loads of cleavage (it gives him an excuse to sneak a peek and say "Nice brooch" rather than feel like a perv for looking, or have nowhere else to look). If you have a nice bum, then great bootcut jeans or trousers with a top that just skims your hips and is quite loose rather than skinny jeans and a tight top. And keep everything else cute and flattering. Be sexy enough (i.e. sexier than normal) he knows it's not just friends, but not so sexy he thinks it is definitely friends with benefits and hopping home for a quickie rather than meeting the mutual friends.

Unless he is uber hip himself, I would say keep the high fashion stuff dialled back a bit. Not so much you aren't yourself, but the lower end of your usual range. I wouldn't have said this til I met my husband, but when I met him I was wearing a very plain little black shift dress for work and a black cardigan in a lacy knit. Let him see you, not the latest trends.

HTH and good luck.

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