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Please help me find a new bag!

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coldtoe Sun 07-Dec-14 19:24:54

Please help, I'm clueless!
I'm after a new bag. Ideally one that has handbag/shoulder straps but also a longer strap so it can be worn across my body when walking and wrestling a small child. I'd like it NOT to be leather, but fake leather/PU rather than oilcloth or canvas. I like the slouchy type bag... not sure if bucket, hobo or tote actually describe what I want but they seem closest. I'd like it to be big enough for all of my junk and small childs too. Also to be used instead of a changing bag when I have another sprog. An extra pocket or 2 inside or out, would be good to avoid never bring able to find anything. I like teal or blue best but could go for green for the perfect bag. Or maybe even the right yellow. If you know what I'm after you are a genius! Preferably under £35 too just to add to the challenge!

coldtoe Sun 07-Dec-14 21:17:54

This is the closest I can find but think I want it slightly larger

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