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Feelunique - really slow?

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MrsPiggie Sun 07-Dec-14 19:24:26

Has anyone ordered from them in the past week and had the order dispatched? I placed an order 6 days ago and it is still pending. I'm not too bothered about it since it's just some stuff for myself, but I was going to place a pretty large order for Christmas presents and I don't know if I should trust them to deliver in the next couple of weeks.

fairgame Sun 07-Dec-14 19:26:48

Yes they have been really slow for at least the past month. There was a thread about it a few weeks back. I ordered some xmas presents from them and it was pending for over a week. I emailed them to chase it up and it seemed to work, it was dispatched 2 days later. I think it's something to do with a new warehousing system or something like that.

Hoggle246 Sun 07-Dec-14 19:27:14

Haven't placed an order recently but I usually find them ridiculously fast. Almost weirdly fast, next day delivery quite often.

I do always have an issue with their site freezing when I try to complete the order though, not sure if something could have gone wrong with your order that way?

Mumraathenoisylion Sun 07-Dec-14 19:29:11

I placed an order last Monday and checked today to see what's going on. Their website states it is taking 3-5 business days before despatch at the moment due to the busy Christmas period.

Not bothered as I got a great discount on a BBH as a pressie for dmum.

Mumraathenoisylion Sun 07-Dec-14 19:30:06

It also says the delay won't affect next day deliveries so you could always use that option for your Christmas pressies.

MrsPiggie Sun 07-Dec-14 19:32:38

Thanks for the replies. I guess I will wait a couple more days and if it's still not dispatched, Debenhams it is.

PinkSparklyElephant Sun 07-Dec-14 20:13:08

I ordered from Debenhams on Monday and they still hadn't processed the order yesterday. I phoned up to cancel and they grudgingly agreed as there's only a 30 minute cancellation window at the time of order. I'll be ordering from John Lewis in future!

Greengardenpixie Sun 07-Dec-14 20:16:24

I ordered mine a day ago and I got a despatch email today. Maybe it depends on what ii is and where it's going to?

MrsPiggie Sun 07-Dec-14 20:38:10

Just went to check again and my order shows as dispatched today. MN karma smile
So I'm putting my next order in with an easier heart, I was dreading having to brave Oxford Street for a trip to Debenhams.

UncrushedParsley Sun 07-Dec-14 20:42:08

My order came pretty quick. Aveda hair stuff. As Green says, it seems to depend maybe....

IPokeBadgers Mon 08-Dec-14 11:50:29

My order [placed at the begining of Black Friday week] arrived within the week....BUT it was missing an item. Out of a make-up kit [Laura Geller] that was supposed to contain 6 items, there were only 5 in the box: and a big empty brush shape in the plastic tray where the make-up brush should have been!

I emailed them a week ago about it, not received any acknowledgement so far. At end of day, am slightly miffed but it is not a tragedy as it is a pressie for myself. However, I would have been mortified to have given that to someone as a Xmas pressie not realising that there was a piece so obviously missing! [Although only obvious when I opened the pacakging!]

IPokeBadgers Mon 08-Dec-14 11:51:01

Oops! Packaging obviously....

Mumraathenoisylion Wed 10-Dec-14 11:22:54

So sorry....just wanted to let you know my order is still pending, I called and they told me it wouldn't be here before the weekend (when I need it) so I should cancel it!?!? The lady also told me they won't be back to normal until the end of January.

I wouldn't order from them again.

IPokeBadgers Wed 10-Dec-14 14:33:22

"They wont be back to normal until end of January"

That is appalling....they shouldnt be trading/taking orders if they can't fulfil them.

Mumraathenoisylion Wed 10-Dec-14 14:58:06

I said those exact words to the manager I spoke to. She said their warehouse staff are working 24 hours in 4 shifts....doesn't really answer the question though.

So disappointed as I've used them before with no problems.

IPokeBadgers Wed 10-Dec-14 21:59:23

What I find really irritating is that they are still sending out marketing emails to get more orders!

I don't know if I will use them again - my first experience hasn't been great.

Mumraathenoisylion Thu 11-Dec-14 07:57:40

On the plus side I now have a £15 voucher for them as a goodwill gesture...not that anything I order will be sent out.

southeastastra Thu 11-Dec-14 08:04:08

it is nearly christmas. everything is slower! grin

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