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Are you a fake lashes expert? Help me become one please....

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NoelleHawthorne Sun 07-Dec-14 16:09:34

i recently had ' party lashes' ( ie semi permanent ) on and i LOVE the look. However I have tried and failed before with strip lashes.

What tips have you got or what Youtube tutorials did you watch to make yourself more proficient?

hillyhilly Sun 07-Dec-14 16:14:09

I'm blatantly marking my place as I've bought some for a party net weekend but never tried them before, am a bit scared!!

Ohbollocksandballs Sun 07-Dec-14 16:16:08

I wear strip lashes most days. Trial and error re the application.

I usually put the glue on both, leave for 20 seconds or so till tacky and then just sort of slap them on and hope for the best.

NoelleHawthorne Sun 07-Dec-14 16:23:14

just watched lisa eldridge
She says measure, dont panic and apply with tweezers

Ohbollocksandballs Sun 07-Dec-14 16:24:08

I don't use tweezers but a lot to. If you're cutting them down make sure you trim the outside edge not the inside.

Ohbollocksandballs Sun 07-Dec-14 16:24:19

A lot do*

NoelleHawthorne Sun 07-Dec-14 16:33:41

you just have to be dextrous then?

there are so many styles to try too...

StickEm Sun 07-Dec-14 19:13:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sunflower49 Sun 07-Dec-14 19:16:19

I wear individual ones every day, do them myself, they last about a week sometimes longer, sometimes not so long if I rub my eyes in my sleep or something!

I find them much, much easier than strip ones and they look more natural. Glob of glue on end of eyelash, tweezers, stick to your own eyelashes, easy peasy smile

NoelleHawthorne Sun 07-Dec-14 19:40:51

how do you decide where to put them?

BlairBass Sun 07-Dec-14 20:40:01

Individual or flare ones look so much better!
Or, try a corner lash only. Look much more natural and easier to apply. Mac do some great ones and will show you how to apply. Or I've just seen tanya burr has a great set just released called 'everyday lash' or something like that... Want them myself!

sunflower49 Mon 08-Dec-14 17:11:04

Was that to me, OP?

If it was, I look at my own eyelashes and stick say, four or five evenly along my lashline, to my own lashes. If I think I need more, or if I want a more glamorous look I just stick more on. The strip ones, I think are harder to get looking even and you can end up with 'odd' eyes as well.

I buy the lashes and the individual eyelash glue from ebay.

If I want to take them off I use vegetable (just normal, kitchen stuff). The trouble is I really don't like the way I look without them, now!

NoelleHawthorne Mon 08-Dec-14 17:26:42

vegetable oil?
that IS interesting. Mine still on from Thursday, I dunno if they will last all week

Charitybag Mon 08-Dec-14 17:32:56

I don't know if this is helpful or not but my lovely SIL who wears false eyelashes all the time says that she finds that the cheaper ones are much easier to apply as they're more flexible than the more expensive ones.

No matter which type I've tried, I make a complete arse of applying them so don't even bother trying any more. They end up on my cheeks/forehead/heels.

Holymoly321 Mon 08-Dec-14 17:35:50

Sunflower, do you mean you use vegetable oil to rake off the Indi lashes? I've tried using the remover that comes with the eye lure ones and it felt like my eyes were being burned out of my head!

gingerbreadmam Mon 08-Dec-14 17:41:57

i would say cosemtic mirror and tweezers to hand. put glue on and leave a few seconds so not too wet. put the mirror under your chin and look down into it to apply lashes. after a few goes you will be a pro!

NoelleHawthorne Mon 08-Dec-14 17:50:31

is this a strip, Ginge?

sunflower49 Mon 08-Dec-14 19:39:07

I use vegetable oil to take off the eyelashes, and also I use it to take off eye make up when I'm not wearing them, I have done from about a year after I started wearing make up. It's very greasy (funnily enough!) but it removes all traces and is gentle on your skin and eyes. I do remember some horribly stingy eye make up removers before I discovered this!

Olive oil doesn't work so well, only bog standard vegetable oil smile

sunflower49 Mon 08-Dec-14 20:17:09

Sorry just realised I missed 'oil' off my previous post blush .

gingerbreadmam Mon 08-Dec-14 20:26:25

yup strip. also look on ebay, i used to get a box of 12 lashes for about a 5a and they were better than those i bought in the shops smile

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