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Maintenance routine?

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WowWowSauce Sun 07-Dec-14 13:59:16

Usually I do my eyebrows and face mask weekly, top lip as and when. Daily, I always cleanse and try to remember to moisturise; I usually have sunscreen on as it's mixed into my foundation.

Monthly/six weekly haircut: mine is short so while I don't need to do much to it day to day, I do need to make sure it's cut properly.

I really should be doing my nails as well though. And I hate shaving my legs, so I ought to find a decent waxer and stick to it. I've tried doing it at home and it's just not happening!

Anybody else? How do you keep looking groomed with a minimum of make up? I'm certain it comes down to maintenance rather than tons of make up and hair products...

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