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Holiday packing help!

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RevealTheHiddenBeach Sun 07-Dec-14 11:54:43

Hoping the lovely S&B'ers can help me pack my suitcase please! DH and I are going on honeymoon over Christmas - very generous in laws have paid for our trip smile

We are spending 9 nights in Mexico, near Cancun. A couple of days diving, a sightseeing tour or two (chichen itza etc) and general beach and rivers type days.

Then we are flying up to New York and spending 3 nights there (inc NYE) before flying back. Planning on going to Times Square for the midnight bit, doing some sightseeing and going ice skating.

I haven't been to either of these places and I know the temperatures will be drastically different... What on earth do I pack?!

specialsubject Sun 07-Dec-14 14:07:30

that is certainly a big temperature difference!

for the hot bit: rash vest and boardshorts for use whenever you are swimming/diving, bikini for on the beach (obviously stay in the shade). cover ups for evening against insects. One fleece for air con/the plane. Flip flops, gallons of sunscreen, insect repellent. Whatever you wear in the evening (it is NOT necessary to take a different outfit for each night!)

for sightseeing: comfortable trainers/walking shoes (not boots, too hot), big hat, cool cotton stuff such as t-shirts, long-ish shorts. The trainers/shoes will then work in New York.

for NY: layers of fleece, warm hat, gloves, scarf if you like, waterproof coat/jacket. Warm trousers (not jeans!) for the ice-skating, thermals underneath. Probably thermals at all times anyway!


RevealTheHiddenBeach Sun 07-Dec-14 17:17:24

Thank you! This may be a silly question, but I was thinking, is NY really fashionable and will I feel crap in tourist clothes? Obviously I want to be warm, but also don't want to feel scruffy if everyone else is dressed up!

Petal02 Sun 07-Dec-14 17:21:25

NY is very casual, I expected it to be very Carrie Bradshaw, but it wasn't!

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