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Do I stay blond or go darker/ natural?

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superstarheartbreaker Sat 06-Dec-14 19:42:30

I am naturally a lovely mousy brown/ blond but I have been getting half a head of highlights for a few years.
It is very fine but I'm growing it long with the help of volumising products. The plan is to let my natural colour grow through as I don't want to weaken my hair with bleach.
I suit brown and blond hair: which is sexier?

peasandlove Sat 06-Dec-14 21:15:56

sexier? how could we tell you that by a description? sexy is an attitude if you ask me, not a hair colour. Which one suits you best?

squoosh Sat 06-Dec-14 21:53:01

Impossible to tell without a photo, depends on skin tone etc.

candykane25 Sat 06-Dec-14 21:59:06

I've just done this. I asked my hairdresser to get me back to my natural colour. She looked at my roots and colour matched it with her little swatches.
I like it, it's really kind of a lighter brown than a dark blonde. However it's taking a bit of getting used to as I've been blonde for 25yrs.
I've had to change my lipstick colour and put on blusher. My hair is fairly short which was ok when blonde but now with darker hair I think I need more length. It could look boring if I didn't make an effort.
But I am free from the root regrowth for the first time since I was 16. Until the grey really kicks in anyway.

MuscatBouschet Sat 06-Dec-14 22:11:33

I spent a few years growing out highlights to go back to mousey brown. Hated it. Lasted 3 months then back to hairdresser to go blonde again.

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