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Estee Lauder Double Wear - time for alternatives

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TwoInTheMourning Sat 06-Dec-14 09:15:27

I've been wearing this for years but as my skin ages (I'm mid 40's) is just not working for me all that well anymore. I dread having to go to the counters to ask for foundation so would rather buy online. My EE DW shade is Fresco. Is there any way I could get away with buying a new shade of foundation online, something I haven't tried before? As I'm typing I realise what the answer is. bad idea. Okay then. I'm thinking of trying Diorskin Forever - Flawless Perfection Fusion Wear Makeup FPS 25 SPF. Oil free is a must for me, as is medium coverage that is long lasting. Happy to go top of the range for foundation and skimp on lipstick. Any recommendations anyone please?

mowglik Sat 06-Dec-14 09:24:54

I use Dior forever and it's lovely, for me it's much nicer than double wear which I used to use years ago. It's still good coverage but it doesn't sit on the skin like DW and looks quite natural. Give it a go.
I got a sample of Dior star and still prefer forever (star looks like I'm not wearing anything - and not in a good way! Thought it was supposed to be full coverage confused )

mowglik Sat 06-Dec-14 09:29:15

Oh sorry missed your q about shades, there are sites where you input your current shade and it gives you matches in other brands eg

I always find shade matching the hardest thing though so would recommend getting a sample first, I keep planning to do a trawl of all the makeup counters one day and just get loads of samples (I'm a makeup whore I get bored!)

TwoInTheMourning Sat 06-Dec-14 13:51:15

That's a great tool mowglik, thanks! It matches EE Fresco to Diorskin Linen 21. I have been given a tester of Diorskin 020 at the counter this morning, which I found too light but I just wanted to leave so didn't say anything. I wonder if I should go for 022 or 023 as a compromise? (I can't find Linen21 so I guess that's the US name?)

yazzy85 Sat 06-Dec-14 19:42:28

I used to use double wear but prefer double wear light, good coverage and lighter, maybe get a sample?

gonegrey56 Mon 08-Dec-14 07:10:30

I recommend the YSL Fusion Ink foundation, absolutely fantastic in every way. Do ask fit a sample colour at any YSL counter - they have their own little pots and seem very happy to help you get exact shade for you. I am fair , usually lightest shade in all foundations . I use shade. BR 20 in Fusion Ink. But they have a wide range so really worth trying to visit somewhere fit an exact match . Do try this! My friends keep asking if I have had a skin peel or something as my skin is perfect with this exceptional foundation .

SocialMediaAddict Wed 10-Dec-14 21:52:01

From reading something on here I've got a sample of Dior Forever. I love it!! Had two compliments about my skin today.

motleymop Wed 10-Dec-14 22:08:02

Both the YSL and Dior foundation have pure alcohol high up on their ingredients list, so do beware if your skin is sensitive (although even if not the thought of alcohol on the skin isn't great).

Eliza22 Thu 11-Dec-14 08:33:39

I had Lancôme Photogenic Lumessence recommended to me. It really is lovely. Good, long lasting coverage without being "flat". Really nice. I've bought a number of these to "stock" just in case they discontinue. I have NEVER done this with any other product. I use shade "Beige Albatre" and it's nice and light.

DrankSangriaInThePark Thu 11-Dec-14 09:46:02

The Dior Forever is weird. I am using my bottle up because I can't get to a counter over the next few days and want to try the Lancôme one because Eliza has fantastic skin and I always buy whatever she tells me to grin because I've read some good reviews.

The Dior Forever one is very very drying. I am 49, first bought it about 2 years ago, but really just use it on bits of my face that need a bit of extra cover. It definitely sits noticeably on my skin, but I have dry skin so it might be OK for someone with less dry.

All EL foundations sadly make me look like an EL assistant. (ie orange) But I used to love Lucidity back in the day....

Eliza22 Thu 11-Dec-14 14:22:00

DrankSangria wink.

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