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I seem to have acquired a pair of black leather trousers

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PacificDogwood Fri 05-Dec-14 11:50:46

I have no idea how that happened - one minute, I am aimlessly browsing ebay, next thing I know a lovely parcel arrives at my house.

They are gorgeous: soft, supple leather, lined, simple straight cut. They fit shock

So, what do I wear them with?
I am 48, pear shaped, 5'6'', size 14, not terribly long in the leg, so heels, yes?

Any ideas for tops?
Are they daft with boots?

Are they a daft idea altogether??

I am all giddy with excitement so need guidance before I disgrace myself!

cowsarescary Fri 05-Dec-14 12:05:02

You have broken the cardinal rule of LINKAGE ;)

FrugalFashionista Fri 05-Dec-14 12:13:54

They are another new basic: with looser sweaters and sweatshirts for example, or with a jacket and a loose t-shirt (with curved hem?). Footwear: heels or high tops as a starting point? With boots, depends on boot style and shape, try them on.

toptrumps1 Fri 05-Dec-14 12:14:58

Yeah, its difficult to say without knowing the fit.

If they are skinny slim then longer tops not tucked in; silk blouses in the evening, jumpers during the day.

I guess the wider the trouser the shorter and slimmer the top would be a good rule, but nothing tucked in.

If they are really skinny, then the trendy thing is to dress them down with converse during the day (with a longline jumper). If they are wider then I'd leave them for evening wear, with a heel, stiletto or block heel, not a wedge. Shoe or boot.

PacificDogwood Fri 05-Dec-14 12:20:15

Thank you, both smile

This is them - I am not sure how well this will show up?
£25 - bargain!
The current v tight, v skinny ones are £699 on the Jaeger website!

I thought maybe white shirt, untucked, curved hem might work with heels?

I am sitting here stroking them grin

PacificDogwood Fri 05-Dec-14 12:21:07

Nope, definitely NOT v skinny - not the trousers and certainly not me!

They are like 5 pocket jeans I suppose, straight, but not skinny.

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