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Anyone have permanent eyebrows?

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mommathatwearspink Wed 03-Dec-14 21:59:23

I have always hated my eyebrows!
I over-plucked them when I was a teenager and they are now patchy and uneven. No amount of threading or expensive products make them look like I want them to.

After seeing the work of a local beautician who trained with Nouveau Contour, I'm really starting to consider getting my eyebrows done.

Has anyone got permanent eyebrows and give me any advice?

BuddyKringleberry Sat 06-Dec-14 22:26:00

I got mine done a few weeks ago. I started looking into it a few years ago as I have a scar running through one brow. I pushed it aside as I always had other things to spend my money on. Anyway, I decided to ask family for money towards it for Christmas.

I'm so pleased I did. I have to go back for my second sitting in a few weeks but already the result it brilliant. You'd never know I have a scar at all x

Ilikesweetpeas Sat 06-Dec-14 22:29:59

I do, I'm really pleased with them. They fade over time but I have a good shape to follow and may get them touched up in a few years time. It hurt though! I felt very shaky afterwards but would do it again.

Girlwithnotattoos Sat 06-Dec-14 22:33:47

Don't do it - there's a lady (very glamorous granny) in her late 50s where I work, she hers done about 10 years ago. The shape still looks great but boy they look odd, way too dark for her now she's older and they seem to take over her face.

BringMeTea Sun 07-Dec-14 05:13:40

My sis has it due to hormonal hair loss. Looks totally fine for normal life. Obvs close up one can see that it is a tattoo but she is very happy. Clearly one needs to get the appropriate shade for skintone etc.

RojaGato Sun 07-Dec-14 06:51:56

Have you tried applying castor oil everyday for a bit? I over plucked mine for years. With the current heavier brow being all the rage, they were a bit patchy. So I read a little castor oil can help somewhere on the interwebs and thought it's worth a shot. Grew my fringe long so give me some cover whilst a work in process, then didn't pluck them for three months and smoothed on castor oil every morning, just a smidge. After three months, got them tidied up again and tinted, and they look a lot better, thicker, a lot of the patches have grown back (the tint makes even tiny little fair hairs look like part of the brow). One tiny patch about a hair breadth wide left, but a tiny bit of pencil or eye shadow sorts it out. I'll never be Cara Delvigne, but that would be too far for me anyway.

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