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Handbag help please!

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dynevoran Wed 03-Dec-14 20:37:43

I will have £500 to spend on a handbag in January. Obviously this is a maximum limit and not a target!

The only vaguely expensive thing I own is a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag (pictured) which I use literally every day. I kind of want something that can be worn in a similar way and fits maybe a tiny bit more stuff but looks sufficiently different that it's worth buying.

Please help with some ideas! I'm not sure I'll be back in London on boxing day and have an ebf baby so not really up for pushing and shoving in the sales so I need to depend on maybe slight discounts but not able to take advantage of the big discounts.

Thanks in advance!

mrsdimmock Thu 04-Dec-14 08:10:17

Any of these..


See by Chloe

bit small but utterly gorgeous..

Does it have to be black?

dynevoran Thu 04-Dec-14 13:54:40

Love the mk one. And the Marcie mini one is lovely. Definitely doesn't need to be black. better if not to be honest. The mk one is a great size and texture. Thanks for the pointers.

santamarianovella Thu 04-Dec-14 14:54:07

£500, can get you a decent bag in sales time, anya hindmarch do great sales, so sign up for their emails, I'm loving the small belvedere bag, this too love the contrast shoulder strap.

, I would stay away from Mk bags, they just look horrid and plasticky, they certainly don't worth that price tag. But that is my personal opinion. smile

dynevoran Thu 04-Dec-14 15:53:28

That anya bag is gorgeous. I hope it's reduced enough during the sales. Signing up for emails now! I think that and the Chloe Marcie mini are front runners...I prefer the size of that but do love the shape of the Marcie.

I actually Love the shape of the Michael kors but I do see a lot of them so I'm erring away from them because of that. I'm half considering a Cambridge satchel...quite a bit cheaper but love the petrol blue one.

Decisions decisions! Thanks for guidance! Off to look at more anya bags

dynevoran Thu 04-Dec-14 16:00:52

The more I look at the belvedere the more I love it. I like that it has two decent length handles as all as a cross body strap. Also really like the strips of fabric style.

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