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RICHARD WARD keratin spray

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DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Tue 02-Dec-14 13:08:41

I picked it up in Waitrose on Saturday along with the conditioner, £5.99 each but on offer for 2 of the range for £8.

I'd buy them both again, they are really nice. The conditioner smells very 'salon' and makes my very thick hair nice and smooth and the spray is brilliant especially if you wake up with bed head hair you can have a quick spray and then blast it with the hair drier.

I also bought the Pure moisturiser which I wasn't so impressed with, it was about as moisturising as dirt grin

pinkfrocks Tue 02-Dec-14 17:03:31

I've been using the RW shampoo and conditioner for ageing hair sad with argon oil which is nice but am going to swap to one of his other types when this is used up. My hair looks good with it but it seems to make my hair quite greasy- not at the roots so much but at the ends and back of neck ( have quite long hair.) Having to wash it more often.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Tue 02-Dec-14 17:16:55

Ageing hair? - I didn't know that was a 'thing' is that another thing for me to worry about?grin

The balancing shampoo didn't get good reviews on Makeupalley.

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