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could you help re potential ebay fake... do you own a Triumph nude seamless bra

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alltoomuchrightnow Tue 02-Dec-14 02:35:34

I've posted on eBay section too. Have cut and pasted - the photo is the listing photo, not mine though it is of the bra

it seems odd to believe someone would possibly fake bras, but then again, bras with a good label aren't cheap and it's probably easy to fake. Would people really bother to do this?
I've worn Triumph for about 15 years so I know what the labels look like.. but this is the first one I've bought that is seamless. Normally it says Triumph on it like an embroidered logo bit.. and also says Triumph on the care label. There is just one care label with nothing to say it's Triumph
It IS the bra in the listing photo and the description is correct . But I just don't trust it. It looks faked to me. And I looked at their feedback and someone else says they think they were sold a fake and has dodgy sewn in labels etc..
It's not what listing says, that's's what it's omitted...
Should I ask for a refund? I can't really open a case as 'not as described' can I? As it was. It just didn't point out that it doesn't say Triumph on the tag.
I don't want to pay for return post either.
It wasnt sold as a second either , where you might expect labels to be cut out. It has label but nothing whatsoever to say it's Triumph

alltoomuchrightnow Tue 02-Dec-14 02:36:30

if you own one of these or similar by Triumph please could you look at label for me?

alltoomuchrightnow Tue 02-Dec-14 02:38:17

It was sold as new without tag which is fair enough... but now I have no labels nor tags to go on. I think it's just any old bra and they're trying to pass it off as Triumph

alltoomuchrightnow Tue 02-Dec-14 02:46:19

this is the label. If you have similar bra could you have a look at label for me?

WowOoo Tue 02-Dec-14 10:43:58

I own a lot of Triumph bras and each one has Triumph on the label.

A few types have the logo in a red section at the end of the bit you show in picture. A few nicer ones have a red label sewn in.
Hope this helps.

WowOoo Tue 02-Dec-14 10:47:49

None of mine are the same as yours by the way. But all 4 different types I own have the red and white logo.

EldonAve Tue 02-Dec-14 11:27:21

If it was sold as triumph then you can open a not as described case

alltoomuchrightnow Tue 02-Dec-14 21:15:02

thanks for replies. Not sure what to do now! Certainly all the ones I've ever owned have said Triumph on them in two places
but I also posted this under 'ebay' and a MNetter just bought one from the actual Triumph shop and it has no labels at all!

alltoomuchrightnow Tue 02-Dec-14 21:15:50

would you query it? If it had been me selling them, I'd have pointed out in the listing that the label doesnt have a brand name nor is it elsewhere

cosysocks Tue 02-Dec-14 21:19:21

Why not email triumph customer service to see if it could be a fake. Sure they would also be interested in someone selling fake triumph goods. I would open a not as discribed dispute.

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