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elemis marine cream

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southeastastra Mon 01-Dec-14 21:23:02

i got some of this from qvc but it seems to be sticky when it dries, is this normal?

Sunbeam18 Mon 01-Dec-14 21:23:37

No, I didn't find that

NotTodaySatan Mon 01-Dec-14 21:24:11

I bought their set from QVC recently and I don't like anything in it hmm .

Agree it left a horrible stickiness on my skin.

BellaVita Mon 01-Dec-14 21:24:37

Not sticky for me either.

southeastastra Mon 01-Dec-14 21:31:16

how strange! i haven't tried anything else in the set

UncrushedParsley Mon 01-Dec-14 21:39:14

Is it possible you are using too much? Maybe not, just a thought...

southeastastra Mon 01-Dec-14 21:41:00

i'm going to send the lot back, sounds like a dodgy batch!

SofaCanary Mon 01-Dec-14 21:41:33

Yeah, you don't need to use great gobs of it.

NotTodaySatan Mon 01-Dec-14 21:42:30

Can't remember exactly what was in it but some smelt like putty and others overwhelmingly of rose <<boke>>

Are QVC good about accepting returns? Might do the same and get my £40 back hmm .

southeastastra Mon 01-Dec-14 21:44:06

no just used a tiny bit (in case i was allergic!)

BellaVita Mon 01-Dec-14 21:45:45

Am sure you have a 90 day money back guarantee.

NotTodaySatan Mon 01-Dec-14 21:47:17

Cheers Bella - I only bought it a few weeks ago (because of a thread on here no less).

southeastastra Mon 01-Dec-14 21:49:11

urgh have to pay return postage! thought qvc was free

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