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Facial Fillers anyone to share their experience?

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Quitelikely Mon 01-Dec-14 19:30:09


I'm 33 and my face isn't what it once was! I'm considering fillers

Can anyone tell me what they had done and if it was worth it? How long the effects lasted etc

All input much appreciated!

Quitelikely Mon 01-Dec-14 20:47:37


MAM48 Mon 01-Dec-14 20:52:36

I have had my cheeks filled for the first time and I am so delighted with it. Very natural and just makes me look so much healthier. Nobody I know mentioned it but I can tell and from the side I have lovely enhanced cheekbone structure.

Just be careful where you get it done, better too little than too much.

Quitelikely Mon 01-Dec-14 21:16:36

Thanks mam smile

Was there any down time? Like did you have to hide for the day? How long for the full effects did you wIt?

lemonsweeties Mon 01-Dec-14 22:26:36

TBH you sound incredibly young to need fillers. What are you hoping to change?
I had some cheek filling when I was around 56 and it was minimal. No one but me knew.
I had very sore cheeks for about a week and they were very sore for about 3 days - and hot so I had to use ice packs.
I had them done by a Dr who is rated No 1 in the UK.
They lasted about 15 months and cost £650.
I shall warn you that in order to get the filler in deep ( which is to avoid bumps) the injections are deep and I find them painful despite having had 2 kids with no painkillers at all!

MAM48 Mon 01-Dec-14 23:06:23

No down time. I went out that evening and was fine. It is a deep injection but not unbearable in my opinion (I would rather have this done than a bikini line wax!)

It was a bit tender for a day or two afterwards.

My Dr has said it lasts 18months but I only had it done about 4 months ago so will wait and see. I also have botox done every 20 weeks.

You are very young to have it done. I first started botox 10 years ago when I was 38. However, if you put a mirror on the table flat and look over it, if your face sags around cheek area you then may see a benefit.

Cost me £280 and had the same Dr who does my botox who visits me at home so really convenient.

Overall nobody could tell I have anything done and I look better than without it, my job involves being filmed regularly for training videos hence my interest in looking fresh.

lemonsweeties Tue 02-Dec-14 07:52:26

I didn't have sagging as such but was developing little pouches across the top of my cheeks which is evidently down to loss of volume from underneath. The filler pushes the cheeks up a bit as if you are slightly smiling.

I also had tear trough filling the following year but was told there would only be a 50% improvement- which was true- and it was even more painful. It only lasted 6 months and I'd not have it done again because I had some tenderness in the injection site for about 3 weeks- not terrible but when I pressed hard.

I wouldn't start having this done in your early 30s tbh.

A friend who knows I had it was a bit disapproving and asked what age I'd stop! I suppose the answer is when my face needs so much that a tiny tweak isn't doing much for it and I'm not willing to spend that sort of money all the time. If you start now then you have many years of investment ahead!

Ladyfoxglove Tue 02-Dec-14 09:42:55

Wow Lemon/MAM48 that sounds quite reasonable.

My botox Dr quoted £1,200 to have my cheeks done (I have high cheekbones and I've lost the fat directly underneath them as it's slid and become jowls!)

do you mind me asking who your doctor is and where they are in the country?

lemonsweeties Tue 02-Dec-14 10:23:02

Lady- it all depends on the amount of filler needed because I ( can't speak for others) am charged per 1ml each side ( as well as the cost of the appt.)
If you needed 2ml each side then it would be double.

At the appt the dr tried 0.5mls and it wasn't enough - you can see the results in the mirror instantly, so it's not a rip off.

From what you say you might need more of the product.

I see Dr Tracy Mountford, in London, but her other clinic is in Bucks.

Ladyfoxglove Tue 02-Dec-14 11:10:24

Ah, I've heard good things about Tracy Mountford. Yes, I probably need more (approaching the big 50 birthday!) Years of yo-yo dieting haven't helped either.

lemonsweeties Tue 02-Dec-14 11:20:05

She undertreats rather than over-does.
She is also very honest about what is needed and how much difference it will make.

If you decide to have anything done, don't go along being sure you know what will work because she offers all kinds of treatments not just fillers.
I went and asked what I needed- didn't mention £££ or a budget- just to see what was suggested.

I don't think age is an indicator. I am almost 60 and still just have a tiny bit done which lasts for a long time.

MAM48 Tue 02-Dec-14 12:26:25

My Dr is in Bucks also! I went to Tracy years ago and although she offers a fabulous service I believe her prices are too steep.

I think I had 1ml (.5ml per cheek) but cannot remember

Inbox me if you want my Drs details - I have used him for 5yrs and very happy with the service

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