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Where to sell a Gucci handbag?

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schmalex Mon 01-Dec-14 14:16:01

I've got a leather Gucci handbag to sell but I'm not sure where to put it. Ebay seems to be full of fakes. Should I sell it to a designer secondhand store? Or is there another way? Advice much appreciated!

SofaCanary Mon 01-Dec-14 14:56:54

I've sold stuff on Vestiaire before, pretty easy to do and the items sold quickly. They do take a hefty commission though - about 30%.

MakeMeWarmThisWinter Mon 01-Dec-14 18:50:27

What is the bag like? Is it recent?

Quitelikely Mon 01-Dec-14 18:54:55

Is it the quilted bag? I'll buy it!

Bluegill Mon 01-Dec-14 18:56:43

I'll fight bare knuckle quite likely if it's the quilted bag tbgrin

MakeMeWarmThisWinter Mon 01-Dec-14 19:55:37

I'll take you all down if it's a Disco grin

Bluegill Mon 01-Dec-14 20:01:06

Haha makeme grin

BelindaAllWorkedOut Mon 01-Dec-14 20:19:44

Fashionbloodhound has a pale blue Disco that's apparently brand new in it's dust bag, for sale for £365. It's an account I follow on Instagram, but a google search should hopefully bring it up - it's a second hand designer seller.

MakeMeWarmThisWinter Mon 01-Dec-14 20:29:33

No joy Belinda, just looked and it's not on the site - must have been snapped up.

Thanks for the site tip though - I do stalk Vestiaire for Discos!

schmalex Thu 04-Dec-14 06:35:41

Hi all, sorry for disappearing! It's a black leather 2006 Guccissima hobo with a big horsebit on the handle. I have the dust bag too.
I'll take a look at Vestiare, thank you!

toptrumps1 Thu 04-Dec-14 08:26:28

Vestiaire is much safer than eBay, the commission is steep but you send the item to them once its sold for them to verify authenticity and that your description was correct then they send it out, and unlike eBay the buyer can't return it, its a guaranteed sale.

Another alternative is to take to a designer reseller if you have a shop nearby. Our local one takes a set commission for items up to a certain price, but for expensive pieces, she agrees the price with you, based on what you'd like to get for it, after her cut. When I compared against Vestiaire it was cheaper for me to sell through a shop but your market is a lot smaller and if it doesn't sell within a certain time, you have to take it back.

Twinklestein Thu 04-Dec-14 21:06:31

It's perfectly safe to sell on ebay, it's simply more risky to buy in case you get a fake. You will get a good price for it.

I only accept Paypal and insist on payment within 3 days or you'll relist. Send it recorded delivery.

Vestaire is good but it may take a while to sell, they set the price and take a big whack.

The other place is Covetique which takes a similar commission.

MakeMeWarmThisWinter Thu 04-Dec-14 21:40:55

Bag sounds gorgeous!

I disagree that EBay is risk free as a seller, it is so easy to scam honest sellers, especially with items like designer bags. A friend of mine sold a Mulberry bag (genuine, obviously, she bought it from Selfridges) and sold it on EBay - buyer claimed it was a fake, and got a full refund after a month of using it! They returned the bag but she was furious and had already spent the money.

Far too risky, EBay are making it harder and harder for sellers.

HelpMeGetOutOfHere Thu 04-Dec-14 22:07:03

I agree avoid eBay. I just sold a bag and now apparently it's been identified as a fake by a sales assistant in selfridges. I brought the damn thing from selfridges in London (well h did several years ago) I'm now waiting for it to be returned. Let's hope it does get returned and I can then refund.

It doesn't matter if you have proof of receipt etc as all it takes is the buyer to claim it's fake and eBay will find I their favour.

toptrumps1 Fri 05-Dec-14 12:00:06

Vestiaire don't set the price, you can list it for what you want, although they do check your ad before they publish it. They do take a hefty commission, but there is a calculator on the site so you know what you'll get after they take it which may help you set your price.

Of course you can sell on eBay and you may have a hassle free transaction, but there are many reasons a buyer can find to cause a problem, not just make the fake accusation, then you have the worry it will be returned to you in the same condition you sent it (if it comes back at all), when eBay will invariably find in the buyers favour anyway. Unless you can take the loss, don't do it. IMO.

Twinklestein Fri 05-Dec-14 14:29:53

The stuff I've sold on Vestaire, I've sent pics they've given me a price and I agreed it. It may be possible to set your own price but I don't think I ever have.

I've never had a problem with ebay. I insist that if the buyer wants to return I have to be notified within 3 days of its arrival and it must not have been used.

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