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Confused about cleansing

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Delphine31 Sun 30-Nov-14 12:41:48

The 'I never wash my face' thread has prompted me to post this, so kind of a TAAT. I hope that's ok. I could do with some advice!

On a daily basis the only makeup I wear is tinted moisturiser. For years now I have been using Tesco sensitive cleansing wipes to remove the tinted moisturiser at night.

In the mornings I wash my face using only water as I've got eczema and find any facewash products too drying.

I now realise that my nightly use of face-wipes is a bad move!

The alternative methods I read on the other thread (and some older threads I've looked up) that seem like good options to me are:

1) Use a moisturiser to cleanse
2) Use olive oil to cleanse

I'm a bit confused about how to use moisturiser or oil to cleanse. Is it just a case of rubbing either of them onto my face and then wiping off with a flannel?

I'd like to find a method that's as natural as possible. Since switching to sulphate/silicone/harsh-alcohol free shampoo & conditioner my hair has been less dry. I'd like to do the same for my face if possible!

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