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Do you wear a bra at night?

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Karbea Sat 29-Nov-14 21:58:44

I've just been reading this. It never occurred to me to wear a bra at night.
Is this something everyone does but I never knew????

confusedandemployed Sat 29-Nov-14 22:00:31

I can't wait to get it off. You're lucky if I manage to keep it on beyond 6pm!!
My DSis often wears a bra to bed though. The nutter.

RockinHippy Sat 29-Nov-14 22:00:48

no, never have, never will, I can't wait to get it off at night & they haven't gone south yet & I'm over 50

FruitCakey Sat 29-Nov-14 22:02:16

Nooooo!! As soon as I get home and know I don't need to go out again, I whip my bra right off. Never slept in it.

SevenZarkSeven Sat 29-Nov-14 22:02:55

No, I don't. I had to when I was BF due to mega-leakiness so I had to have one to stuff breast pads in but I hated it so much. I prefer to sleep naked TBH grin and actually I take my bra off when I get in from work too.

I do have a friend who sleeps in a bra though she finds it more comfortable.

I think it depends on a range of things, nork size and personal preferences around letting it all hang out probably play a part! I'm a DD and was bigger when pg so not massive but not small and perky iyswim. I can tuck them under my armpits a bit grin

DayLillie Sat 29-Nov-14 22:03:01

Only something like this:,default,pd.html when breast feeding to keep all the pads in place.

Couldn't wear that other thing. Looks more like something out of Agent provocateur

Sunmakesmesmile Sat 29-Nov-14 22:03:15

After bf two dc I've nothing left to support! must add boob job on to Christmas list

NoArmaniNoPunani Sat 29-Nov-14 22:03:19

No. As soon as I get home the bra comes off

TendonQueen Sat 29-Nov-14 22:03:30

No, and I am well endowed. Never go without one in the day, but I certainly wouldn't sleep in one. They've got to have a rest sometime!

DayLillie Sat 29-Nov-14 22:04:50

It was a man that invented it hmm

SevenZarkSeven Sat 29-Nov-14 22:04:56

That article is brilliant! The pictures of glam women in teh article - the mail knows they sleep in their bras does it? grin

Having said that it looks quite comfy I wouldn't mind one for the daytime smile

SuperFlyHigh Sat 29-Nov-14 22:10:56

No 28FF and it'd be uncomfortable to sleep in a bra. Bravissimo Pepperberry range do night time vests with support that I've thought of trying.

Bunbaker Sat 29-Nov-14 22:15:59

No. Small and perky here. I don't need to.

AnyFucker Sat 29-Nov-14 22:20:38

Yep, always have done. In fact, if I go away on holiday it is the first thing I pack.

Sleep in a bra, no knickers smile

I wear soft, non wired ones. Feel exposed, floppy and horrid without it (am not particularly well endowed)

Comito Sat 29-Nov-14 22:22:24

No way. It's off at bedtime.

applecatchers36 Sat 29-Nov-14 22:22:29

Since breast feeding i wear a soft kinda wireless boob support vest/ bra. Boobs biggish so figured could do with extra support?

rookiemater Sat 29-Nov-14 22:25:30

I don't but all of a sudden in my mid 40s, my boobs have started feeling sore and heavy particularly at night, so I might get myself a non wired cotton one for night time. What brands do you recommend AF?

AnyFucker Sat 29-Nov-14 22:27:18

I wear cheap ones, rookie because they soon go grey and grubby due to 8 hours in bed sweating etc (sorry for the horrid visual image)

I have had the soft cotton ones from Asda (£8/two) and also Debenhams do good ones.

tanya1010 Sat 29-Nov-14 22:28:39

Noooooo , cant wait to take it off ! When i had BA i had to wear a sports bra 24/7 and i didnt like having to wear it in bed one bit.

rookiemater Sat 29-Nov-14 22:29:48

I'll get some of those next time I'm in Asda, thanks. Not sure DH will be happy, but heck what with the ear plugs and mouthguard, a grey sweaty bra won't make much of a difference.

AnyFucker Sat 29-Nov-14 22:32:04

Tell your DH there is more fun in taking a bra off wink

nemno Sat 29-Nov-14 22:33:01

I wear these or something similar every night. I feel I need the support and am much more comfortable without boobs pulling on my chest.

Gillybobs Sat 29-Nov-14 22:37:04

I wear a soft non wired bra, have done for nearly ten years. Was advised to do so by one of the country's top breast cancer surgeons, the more support they have the better apparently (for their shape, long term). I couldn't go back now, love that they don't get trapped under my arm when I sleep on my side...

MirandaWest Sat 29-Nov-14 22:39:18

I have small breasts (30C) and don't wear a bra at night. According to my bf they are still nice and perky smile

ShotgunNotDoingThePans Sat 29-Nov-14 22:41:39

30gg and I sleep in a Tesco's not-really-a-bra-more-like-a-cropped-vest thing. More for comfort than vanity- it's too late now to reverse the effects of gravity. And I'd have had to start at 13 to get any effect.
But seeing that thing, designed by a man who makes a lucrative living from women's insecurity,makes me think, fuck it,let it all hang out. Plus the DM seem to be all for it - ew.

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