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Long haired Mumsnetter - shampoo help needed please

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nelsonscolumn Fri 28-Nov-14 20:07:02

I want to get my poor student DD some lovely shampoo and conditioner for Christmas. She has lovely long hair prone to tangling. As I have a pixie cut I don't know where to start with stuff for long hair. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

MakeMeWarmThisWinter Fri 28-Nov-14 20:59:55

These are good for long hair and TIGI is a cool brand for students I think. Nice packaging and huge bottles so should last her a good while.


MakeMeWarmThisWinter Fri 28-Nov-14 21:01:47

cheaper here and free delivery

nelsonscolumn Fri 28-Nov-14 22:13:21

Thanks. Great price from the second link

AppleRings Fri 28-Nov-14 22:22:09

I have v long hair and I find the Aussie stuff really good, both for reconditioning and occasional everyday use

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