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If you had £80 Selfridges vouchers..

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sinningsaint Fri 28-Nov-14 17:54:55

What would you buy? Feel like treating myself to some new make up (lipstick possibly?) but I have no idea what is worth the money and what isn't? I would also love some new lingerie but will £80 get me very far and is it really worth the money? Just looking for advice and ideas really any help is appreciated smile.

chipsandpeas Fri 28-Nov-14 18:02:07

my fav brands are mac, bobbi brown and clinique
for make up and lipsticks i dont think you can go far wrong with mac or bobbi brown imo

however id actually wait and get the new urban decay naked on the run pallette that comes out next week
cant link to the US urban decay site as its down

Khalessi Fri 28-Nov-14 18:05:54

Ooh what a treat! I'd go for make up too, probably a Benefit gift set or some Mac for everyday wear. Enjoy!

SofaCanary Fri 28-Nov-14 18:23:43

Maybe something from Tom Ford, very luxe make up.

sinningsaint Fri 28-Nov-14 18:40:32

Ahh yes had been looking at Tom Ford but was unsure of the quality? Any experience with their nail polishes? I need to wear a natural colour for work and some shades are beautiful.

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