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People who know about perfume - please help!

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weeklyshopping Thu 27-Nov-14 14:17:14

I'm on a desperate hunt for something that smells like the only perfume I've ever really liked.

It was from Body Shop (I know, I know) - their Ayurvedic Pillow Spray range - and it was the Kapha one. (Found a blog post with pictures here - tis not my blog honest, I ain't no spammer).

The ingredients are listed as being ' lemon bergamot, basil, jasmine, rose, sage, cedarwood and amber'. It really was the most loveliest smell I ever smelled - like fresh earthy air, a tiny bit floral, but not 'floor cleaner' or 'laundry detergent' - and crucially there was NO MUSK.

I don't know what I'm asking really... any of you brilliant perfumiers, do you know anything that might smell like this? (The closest I've found is Origins Ginger, which is OK but just not as lovely.)

I've gone round sniffing loads of things recently but haven't found anything else even remotely close. (I've tried all the new Agua di Parma ones)

Or, you know, does anyone have 50 bottles stashed in their cupboards? Worth a shot...

Body Shop stopped doing it about ten years ago.

Failing all else is there such a thing as a perfume service that will try to make something up for you?

Help me Obi Wan Mumsnetty you're my only hope

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