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Bobbi Brown skin foundation - cheaper alternatives?

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Appervine Thu 27-Nov-14 14:03:51

I'm just coming to the end of a bottle of Bobbi Brown skin foundation which I really like as it's very light and i'm not a big foundation person. I'm on a bit of a budget and wondered whether anyone could recommend a cheaper alternative? Thank you!

WhereIsMyHat Thu 27-Nov-14 14:44:11

Oh, this is the exact question I'll need to be asking in a few months. Interested in any suggestions you get as I love skin foundation too.

Appervine Thu 27-Nov-14 20:50:19

It's lovely isn't it, whereis. And actually my bottle lasted for ages but it would be good to know if there's something similar around.

CarpeJugulum Thu 27-Nov-14 20:59:18

No. Not if you're pale. <sigh>

Hetaera Thu 27-Nov-14 23:01:12

If you've found something that works for you and is the right shade, I would be very tempted to stick with it. Debenhams and John Lewis have 10% off it at the moment. I know that's not much off!

AmberNectarine Fri 28-Nov-14 08:26:18

If there is I've not found it. Amazing foundation for my yellow skin.

Appervine Fri 28-Nov-14 12:07:41

Ah shame. I think I'll just have to bite the bullet. It is great stuff. And yes, I am really pale.

Brillenbar Fri 28-Nov-14 12:43:51

I've tried many others recommended on here. False economy. Best bet is to ask a friend to pick it up for you in duty free if you know anyone traveling over Christmas.

TripTrapTripTrapOverTheBridge Fri 28-Nov-14 13:44:25

What colour do you use Appervine ? I have a spare bottle here,only used a bit as it tends to go stupidly shiny on my skin and highlights my winter dry patches. Will check in a bit but it's the second lightest shade I think

Appervine Fri 28-Nov-14 14:21:24

Hi Triptrap - that's very sweet. I use warm sand. Would be happy to pay you if it is the same shade...

pinkfrocks Fri 28-Nov-14 14:23:31

I have used it for a while but now hate it- too watery and no staying power.

Other light foundations include a couple by Clarins, Perfectly Real ( Clinique) and also Superbalanced Clinique.

pinkfrocks Fri 28-Nov-14 14:25:22

Just seen your other posts OP- if you are Warm Sand in B Brown you should have the pick of quite a few foundations; I am Porcelain in B Brown which is 2 or 3 shades lighter than you!

2015mom Fri 10-Mar-17 18:53:54

Hi I saw your post and I was wondering the same thing. Did you find a cheaper alternative?

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