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Is Kim Sears a pear shape? I would like her style ... Or maybe I just need advice

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MrsTShelby Thu 27-Nov-14 13:08:23

She always looks fabulous ... Is she a toned pear?

I love the way that she styles herself.

She is much taller than me as I am only 5'3" and am a pear shape - although do take an 8 in both tops and bottoms. I try to stay toned but my thighs are either flabby or muscly, never lean. I also have a wobbly lower stomach after 2 c sections.

I live in jeans, tops, trainers - I just can't do heels and think perhaps this makes me look "dumpy".

I'm not unfashionable but don't think am fashionable either.

Perhaps I should start wearing dresses more?

squoosh Thu 27-Nov-14 13:17:35

Google images seems focused on her hair above all else so it's hard to say. But there is a photo of her in her bikini and it does look as though she is a slim pear.

I feel a bit like a peeping tom now!

I think the thing with Kim Sears is 1) hair 2) always looking groomed and unruffled. Her actual style is pretty easy to emulate, knee length slevved dresses with blazers or skinny jeans with blazers.

But basically, HAIR.

squoosh Thu 27-Nov-14 13:20:21

She seems to love wedges too.

MrsTShelby Thu 27-Nov-14 13:23:01

Yes I (guiltily) did google Kim Sears bikini blush and came away none the wiser. She doesn't seem to favour jeans/trousers very much.

The hair may take a while as it is currently in a long bob.

I seem to have suddenly become pear shaped - can that even happen?!
After years of getting away throwing on jeans and a jumper and looking good I feel in my mid 30's it's not happening anymore.

I need something different but always feel so dressed up in anything else.

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