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top to go with sequin short pencil skirt please

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everythingsgoingsouth Wed 26-Nov-14 22:01:11

hi, looking for ideas of a top to wear with a short sequin skirt for work xmas dinner do.
quite like a more casual top to sparkly bottom, kind of like a posher tshirt?
size 14,( 34e ) black or charcoal most probably
seen anything?
thank you in advance

skylerwhite1 Wed 26-Nov-14 22:20:58

Pic of short sequin skirt?

everythingsgoingsouth Thu 27-Nov-14 20:11:11

sorry, no pic!
it's a pencil type skirt, just above knee, black non- shiny tiny sequins so quite subtle, not glitzy.
wearing black tights and black lace up high heel shoe boots too.

Sleepwhenidie Thu 27-Nov-14 20:27:26

Do you want black top as well or a different colour? What do you think of this?

Sleepwhenidie Thu 27-Nov-14 20:31:47

sexier but not too much

everythingsgoingsouth Thu 27-Nov-14 21:10:15

Thanks,like the first one, can see that working.
can't see the item on the 2nd link though....

Bluegill Thu 27-Nov-14 21:14:26

Definitely very plain t shirt. Maybe grey. All saints usually have nice tshirts.

Sleepwhenidie Thu 27-Nov-14 22:53:59

Sorry, check out this page, it was a vest top from here but there are lots of possibilities smile

coffeenut Fri 28-Nov-14 03:54:51

I like the FCUk top. I'm glad you clarified re the skirt - I was picturing a bum length glitzy number! Maybe not for a work evening grin

everythingsgoingsouth Wed 03-Dec-14 20:45:12

coffeenut -am sure there will be a few of those, but not on my bottom smile

JoanDarc Wed 03-Dec-14 21:29:31

I have been looking for an understated black top to go with sequin trousers (a very dull grey/silver) and think that FCUK top will fit the bill so thanks!

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