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How do you organise your makeup?

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Fabulassie Wed 26-Nov-14 14:39:39

I had one of those plastic tackle box things (like this:!BeYf)6gBWk~$(KGrHqMH-C0ErfzVgjSNBK9Bp,qwoQ~~_35.JPG) and it was overflowing. It was strewn all over my makeup table and it took me forever to find what I wanted to put on my makeup. So yesterday morning I went to Home Sense and bought some of those clear acrylic organisers (similar to this: I got two of them, each similar in size but different in configuration.

I then went through all my makeup and weeded out all the crap that is too old, almost empty, or that I just don't use or like. That may have been as much as 40% of my stuff!

What was left I organised into groups (like, one drawer for grey eyeshadows, one for browns, one for blues; large brushes, eye brushes; eyelines, lip liners, etc.) It all fits very nicely into the organisers and looks great. And it was one of the most satisfying mornings I've spent in a long time!

I would like to better organise my brushes, though. They're mostly all in two wells and there are a lot of them so it would be nice to put the eyeshadow brushes into different containers - particularly as I like to segregate them by colour to avoid getting blues in my beiges (I can't be arsed to wash them daily).

Was wondering what other people did?

ChablisChic Wed 26-Nov-14 16:35:26

Mine lives in a drawer, and I use a cutlery tray to separate eyeshadows, lippies, nail varnish etc., then brushes and emery boards are in the actual drawer beside the tray.

It sort of works, but it's a curved drawer so stuff keeps sliding round the back of the tray and getting lost.

Fabulassie Wed 26-Nov-14 16:37:46

Perhaps you could get another tray (or some sort of shallow plastic container that fits) to put next to the cutlery tray and hold the things that slide?

WestEast Wed 26-Nov-14 16:42:09

I have a basket for every day make up, so bare minerals pots, three brushes, eyebrow pencil and mascara. It lives next to my mirror on the windowsill where I do my makeup.
Everything else lives inside a hellhole drawer which I go into as infrequently as possible so I don't have to sort it out!

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