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Minimiser bra

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mowglik Wed 26-Nov-14 08:38:34

Does anyone have a recommendations for minimiser bras? I used to wear M&S ones back when I was a teen(!) and embarrassed of my 32D boobs but they made my chest very flat and shapeless which I liked at the time.

Now post baby I'm a 30F/FF and would just like a bra that pulls my boobs inwards on the sides so I have a slimmer front and also pull those puppies in so they look smaller but still shapely

If anyone has a bra or can recommend a brand that has achieved the impossible then please let me know!

HazleNutt Wed 26-Nov-14 09:12:08

You want bras then that have narrower wires and give more up-front shape. Panache is generally good for this, try half-cup models. I would not go for actual minimiser bras - they tend to squish you flat and make you actually look wider than you are.

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