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Comexim Bra - can you help?

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Hi after a lot of gaffing about i'm keen to try to Polish bra and to face the ordering procedure.

The one I like is this one - MINT BIUSTONOSZ -

I would usually wear a Panache 30FF (Masquerade Hestia / Andorra / Idina).

Stressing about sizing - would you say 65H? On the basis that there are no double letters? Any do you know anything about the knicker sizing?

As a starting point the 65H is where I would start, some folk size up in the band but I didn't find it necessary and it's easier to add an extender if it's snug!

The pants run SMALL!

Thanks Statistically. Looking now I can see that they don't seem to have the pants! Need to decide whether to still get this bra or change style.

SirRaymondClench Wed 26-Nov-14 10:29:30

Can I ask what is the difference between a Polish bra and a UK one?
I am also big of norms and small of back so genuinely interested to know.

There's no standard difference, but the two main brands I have bought from (Ewa Michalak and Comexim) tend to have very narrow wires and quite a projected shape.

Still haven't ordered. Keen but dithering. Lack of matching knickers has put me off the one I had chosen.

I'm dithering over an Ewa Michalak order at the moment.

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