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notnotnee Tue 25-Nov-14 12:17:20


Any helpful advice for disguising bags under eyes. I am 49 with really good skin apart from my under eye bags. Help !!

notnotnee Tue 25-Nov-14 13:54:12

Guess that's a no then ....

frankietwospots Tue 25-Nov-14 13:56:51

Marking my place as mine are getting worse although I put that down to not drinking enough water...

What I would say is that a concealer that is non-reflective and light enough to not sit in wrinkles is a good thing to have to hand. I've been banging on about this on other threads today but the Clarins Instant Concealer is v v good.

southeastastra Tue 25-Nov-14 13:57:00

i just got the bobbi brown correcting cream for this, ask in the store for a demo, it's quite good. Do you use an eye cream?

notnotnee Tue 25-Nov-14 14:09:06

I use Estee Lauder for puffy eyes, not sure it does a lot. I have started drinking more water lately and I do think that has made a small difference. Maybe I could ask for some demo's before I buy??

Nabootique Tue 25-Nov-14 14:15:04

I've just been looking at some reviews of products and this looks quite good Wouldn't be an expensive mistake if it didn't work. Sounds like it tightens everything up. I looked at the negative reviews and out of the three one was because it was delivered late!

notnotnee Tue 25-Nov-14 14:21:07

Thank you Naboo. I will defo have a little look. Anything is worth a try.

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