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Men's slippers - North Face Tent Mules??

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Mulledwineandmincepies Mon 24-Nov-14 14:40:30

Hi - sorry for such a dull thread.

I need to buy some new slippers for DH. He goes through them very quickly so ends up buying cheap ones and replacing every month or so. Would like to buy him decent ones that last. Any recommendations? I like the look of the North Face ones but at £30 want to make sure they will last! I don't think he'd go for sheepskin type ones.


SweetPeaPods Mon 24-Nov-14 14:54:28

DH had some from ted baker that were pricey but lasted years

BoftheP Mon 24-Nov-14 14:56:04

DH has had these for the past two years, very warm and light, still look as good as new. I also bought a pair for myself but they only lasted a year. I wore mine most of the day during the winter months ( SAHM) DH only wears his before and after work which might explain why his have lasted.

Mulledwineandmincepies Mon 24-Nov-14 20:40:00


OnIlkleyMoorBahTwat Tue 25-Nov-14 11:46:48

DP bought me some of these last Christmas and I was a bit disappointed because they are fugly and I thought they were a lot of money for what they are (we had to go and change the size as he got the wrong size and I saw the price then – it wasn’t a case of him not knowing what size feet I have – the sizing was different to what you would expect) but I have worn them almost every day this year, including when caravanning so on wet grass and they are still as good as new and very toasty and comfortable.

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