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Winter Graduation Ceremony outfit

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fitflopqueen Sun 23-Nov-14 18:19:43

Dd's graduation shortly, it will be an afternoon occasion, we will travel from early morning and have an overnight stay. We plan to celebrate at a nice place in the evening.
Only have hand luggage.
Any suggestions appreciated, what is the form generally?

dreamingofsun Sun 23-Nov-14 21:07:28

we did our son's in the summer. the thing that impressed me most was the broad range of clothes people wore. some looked like they were walking the dog - black jeggings, flat shoes, tshirt; others looked like they had fallen out of night clubs/were hookers - fattish women with short tight skirts, lots of nylon; a few looked like they were going to weddings (suits/hats) but not many. I wore a slighly posher than my average dress and a cashmere cardi and some of my nicer higher shoes and felt fine.

in future thats what i will choose - one of my better dresses and my best cardis, tights (winter) and shoes. OK so i won't be one of the trendiest mums, but i won't look as if i've been booted out of a nightclub

fitflopqueen Mon 24-Nov-14 08:04:38

Thanks, I do have nice dress, shoes, coat etc but all very dark, perhaps a nice scarf etc will be sufficient to brighten up a December day.

LightastheBreeze Mon 24-Nov-14 12:01:53

What you've got sounds fine and a bright scarf will brighten it up nicely. DS's was in the summer and I wore a very average priced, nice M&S dress and new sandals and felt I had dressed about right. As dreamingofsun says there was a lot of variety in the outfits worn by people. DH wore chinos and a shirt and looked smart but comfortable.

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