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Where to buy clothes for teenage boy?

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onlyme2014 Sat 22-Nov-14 20:08:30

Hello, I'd be really grateful for any recommendations on where to buy clothes for a 13 year old boy? I haven't a clue so any pointers much appreciated. TIA

pebblestack Sat 22-Nov-14 20:09:46

Depends on budget, but H&M are good

missmargot Sat 22-Nov-14 20:11:14

H&M, New Look, Zara, Gap and Next for basics are all popular in this house.

onlyme2014 Sat 22-Nov-14 20:22:47

Thanks for those. I have a hard time getting the right size for him - only Next trousers seem to fit, H&M too small - I haven't tried New Look so thanks for that. If I'm in Zara it'll be for me! smile

Tanaqui Sat 22-Nov-14 20:34:49

I don't think new look do boys?

My teenage boys like top shop, or hollister/ superdry if they have ££

Ingles2 Sat 22-Nov-14 20:38:00

I've got a 13, nearly 14.. Who is average size and height and the only place I can get clothes for him at the moment is bhs.. All kids sizes are too small, and adult too big but bhs goes up to age 16

AnythingNotEverything Sat 22-Nov-14 20:39:48

Since 12-13 DS has been in a Next adult small. This means we shop from the sofa, which is a joy. Nowadays we occasionally leave the house and buy tshirts in Primark.

And yes, H&M mens comes up small.

Mandm direct (online)

onlyme2014 Sat 22-Nov-14 21:03:12

Thanks everyone, really appreciate it. We've been shopping online from Next for a while so I just wondered if I'd got into a rut.

LadySybilLikesCake Sat 22-Nov-14 21:03:32

Fatface/Weirdfish (in the sales they are not toooo bad).

banburycake Sat 22-Nov-14 21:18:45

Topman all the way. Sizes start at XXS my son as a skinny 12 year old started shopping there now 18 the only place to go. Hip and cool. Good quality and a great range of styles.
Loads of different leg and waist size combinations. Pants and socks comfy too and go good in the tumble. Staff really helpful and will order if size unavailable. All clothes wash really well.
Next sizing is abysmal imo. And quality meh. H&M hit and miss.
Take your son to a Topman shop though to get a gist of the sizing.

NeitherHereOrThere Sat 22-Nov-14 21:34:18

Primark is pretty good as well as cheap.

Remember that he is about to start his growth spurt and will go through several sizes during the next few years.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 23-Nov-14 00:27:48

My 15yo is 5'9" , but very very slim (24" waist , 32" leg)
Won't wear jeans.

Primark mens XS tops and their 26" waist trousers (heavy cotton, like jeans but not denim).

He looks like Sheldon Cooper - build, clothes,hair, weirdy praying mantis gait .

My DS doesn't do labels, I buy him clothes and put them in his wardrobe. I only drag him out for shoes.

DD , otoh , is a label-girl.

burnishedsilver Sun 23-Nov-14 09:05:44

I have two teens. Like a lot of boys, they're too tall for children's sizes and too thin for mens sizes. Hollister is the only place I can find jeans that fit. I think I've tried everywhere else except Top to have a look on their website.

HmmAnOxfordComma Sun 23-Nov-14 11:24:52

I have an incredibly skinny 14 yr old if average height - probably 5'6".

All of his jeans/cords are still from Next, in their slim fit as they still do adjustable waists. Now in age 15/16.

Tops/shirts/hoodies from a mix of H&M mens in xs, Fat Face mens xs or s, some from surfy type shops and some Next age 16.

Can't agree with the Top Man recommendation... Sizes are good for in betweenies but they are v expensive... £15 a tshirt and they're ridiculously thin quality. Would rather pay £5 for a thin one in H&M or £15 for a really good quality Fat Face one. Next prices somewhere in the middle.

Finbar Sun 23-Nov-14 16:53:21

Uniqlo is our friend in this house! Mens size S
DS lives in his Uniqlo jeans - I just wish they did more colours

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